Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Live and learn

Well just went out for lunch with my girlfriend. WHO IS PREGNANT! wow I'm excited for her. First one of my friends to have a baby. She is well aware that she is required to spill EVERYTHING, that nobody else would. Nothing is too private. So it was a nice gossipfest. But the food...I ordered a pad thai salad. First it ended up being a noodle salad. Second it wasn't very good. It basically was linguini with peanuts and a bit of oil. No taste, no veggies. It was bad for me without the good tasting. Boo. At least it helped me stop eating before it was all gone. I guess I learned something. Just because it's a salad doesn't mean it's healthy. And just because something says thai in it doesn't mean it's yummy.
Yesterday made some strawberry rhubarb muffins. Added extra bran and benefibre but left everything else. They're pretty good with giant strawberry pieces in them. Only had 1 this morning and half last night. And the cookies I made for father's day are still sitting on the table. Haven't had one since the weekend. But I haven't worked out either. Tonight it is!
Another thing I learned. Just because it's not on the goals for this week doesn't mean it's ok to do. Last week I had no peaking at the scale as a goal. It's not this week and I had a peak today. back at the 152.something. I got off before it finished. Knew it was a mistake. I just wanted to see that 150.0 again. Thought, it's only been 1 day, couldn't have gained anything. Well maybe that's true. But doesn't mean i'll see the same number. Water, potty, lots of things can change that number. I didn't look last week and was pleasantly suprised. Now it's stressful. I think I should switch to a once every 2 week weigh in also. I don't really think much is going to change every week. I'm lifting weights so it might even go up and I don't want to feel bad about that.
Something more perplexing than anything. I always was an apple shape. Always had a nice butt, muscular legs, bigger arms and belly etc. Well I'm changing it up now. I like my arms and even tummy's getting not bad. But my hips and legs are holding it! I'm feeling pretty good about my clothes looking better and progress etc. But my jeans are all tight on my legs and butt! I think I'm building muscle there faster than i'm losing fat. Or else since I've been running for exercise primarily my body's been storing fat in easily accessible areas. (I read that steady state cardio - read jogs and aerobics - can increase fat storage in hips and thighs as your body adapts to using energy in these areas - http://rachelcosgrove.com/x.pro/ModShow/ShowPage/76707).
this has also taught me to settle down. It feels like I've been doing this along time because I've been battling the bulge for years. But I've only being doing something seriously about it for 2 weeks. That's nothing. I shouldn't even see results for 2 months! Get realistic Randi!
Ok 2 more things - found out friends signed us up for the MS Bike Tour. A 1 day biking challenge - 50 km or something. So on top of regular exercise stuff i'll be training on the bike. That's sort of exciting for me. A goal, a date, not made by me so tough to flake off. Plus we're going with a bunch of friends and I know I'll treat it like a competition and not want to be the slowest or weakest. Haven't biked in a year since we moved so hopefully this will catch my body by suprise.
And finally, something positive. I bought a bikini yesterday. Just $15 from Walmart. Plain black. well bought a top at least. I have this bikini from there that i bought last year. Bottoms, a wrap, 2 bikini tops and a tankini top. They just came out with the new style bikini top that I like (it's a halter that looks like those old fashioned ones from the 40's where the ties come out of the armpits.) and I sort of like it! Again. I like the top half. Belly button down needs some work. Just plain old inches off. But I'm seeing potential! I guess I could say that is my ultimate goal. look good in a bikini. comfortable enough to wear it in front of people I know. I'll keep you updated!

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