Friday, June 8, 2007

careful for tonight

So I had a great day so far.
Debating myself about this evening. If I go straight home from work I can get a workout in and still dress up and look nice (wanna try curling my hair). But I sort of want to go shopping (just to superstore) cause I got an email showing some really cute clothes for dirt cheap. Dirt. Frankly I could do either of them tomorrow instead. Well not my hair. But it's Saturday with little to no plans...we'll see how I fell when I'm leaving.
Perhaps I should tell where I'm going and why it's a great day so far. Great day - pb toast, watermelon, awesome pita (chicken, veggies, fat free miracle whip), more watermelon. wasn't really hungry for the rest so saved it for a few hours but then it was just sitting there so I ate it. Who knows it might keep me full a little while longer. Oh, it was a yogurt and strawberries and flax seed. yum.
But I had to eat healthy because I'm going to a steak night tonight. Fundraiser for cousin-in-law. Horrible story. Quick recap: she had a baby but it was an emergency so they had to do it in an unsterile environment. She got a horrible infection, they had to basically remove all her parts...and then just kept cutting to get rid of everything that was infected. She had a huge hole in her middle. She was unconscious for weeks, waking up and not knowing what's going on, the last thing she remembers was being pregnant. The one time she was coughing and had a tube in so the nurses had to help her and stuff and tears were just streaming out of her eyes and she looked over to her sister who was sitting there and just mouthed "what the f**k!?" Anyways, she couldn't work (hairdresser out of her house so no maternity) her husband was taking off all sorts of time but they didnt' have a clear personal leave paid. So anyway somebody (friends family..) decided to have a steak night fundraiser for them to help them out. Oh yeah, not to mention they've got 2 other kids, and dad has to go to work (she was a stay at home mom). Well whatever. That's where I'm going. So to eat steak and potatoes and cesaer salad. and have drinks. I'll just have to watch my portions. Wish me luck.
Anyhow. That's all I've got on this weekend so should have lots of time for exercise and gardening. And lots of time to eat...but I'll be strong.
Have a good weekend!

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