Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Today I packed my lunch for work and tried to limit myself, but I'm so scared of being hungry. Which is weird. I'm rarely physically hungry. And frankly it would probably do me some good once in awhile! So I packed a small container of left over hamberger helper (probably 1 cup, instead of taking all the leftovers and just eating until I felt like it was a serving). But then I added a yogurt, we were out of the fat free ones. Then some watermelon. Ok so far. And then some cherries. well they're healthy, alright. Then some homemade granola bars. For snack you know in the afternoon. Well sure. Well I ate it all before 12:30. And honestly if I thought I'd be hungry I could eat the apple that's been here for a week now that I think might be the kind I don't like so would sooner eat something else. Yeah.
Today wasn't bad either. Yesterday was a salad, lettuce, tomato, little bit of shredded ham, little bit of dressing. And a yogurt, and pudding, and 2 granola bars and honeydew. and some almonds. and crackers when I got home and was waiting for my husband to come home for supper. Yes a salad is healthy. Yes all the food I ate was very healthy food (except for crackers I guess). but why did I eat all of it? I drink a ton of water trying to trick myself into being full. but to be fair I drink most of it before I eat. I should eat my salad or sandwich or whatever and a fruit and then chug water. wait an hour before the other snacks. That's the new goal. I think I'll also try brushing my teeth in between there. Whatever helps. Anybody out there have any other ideas?

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