Friday, June 22, 2007


Well what can I say. I went for those drinks. it was nice sitting in the sun. But I feel like crap now. Not sure if it's because of that or I would have felt like this anyway. It's an off night. I always feel like I'm wasting time when I take a night off. But bodies need days off to recover. I'm doing this workout from Oxygen magazine. Doing semi-heavy weights (I still need to buy some heavier than I've got) and going until my form starts failing. Approximately 12. About 7 exercises and 3 sets. Well it takes so little time and doesn't really hurt while I'm doing it. Like lunges, I feel like I can do those forever because no specific muscle gets tired or sore but I just am unable to push myself back up very well. I've never really felt anything with lunges so I never do them. Well I felt it today a little bit in the hamstrings and butt! That's good! So I need the recovery day today. I could have done cardio but like I said I feel sorta crappy. Well here's the thing. I went to the mall after drinks, trying to buy a dress/outfit for my brother's grad. And I've been feeling good about my body, progress and all so I was excited to try stuff on. Well shopping is still shopping and dressing rooms are still unforgiving. Yeah it's a heck of a lot less sad than last time. But I psyched myself up to see something that's not there yet. I like my general shape better, but just need to deflate the whole thing a few inches. That's ok. I can do it. I was just getting ahead of myself a little bit and got brought back to reality. So that's got me feeling sorta blah. I'll get a good cardio and weight workout in tomorrow and I'll feel better again.
I've got to work on my nutrition. I would much prefer to exercise something off rather than not eat it in the first place, but it doesn't always work that way. Besides, that will give you a maintenance not a loss. I've got to not eat it, AND workout to get rid of what's already there. Booze has always been easy for me to get rid of and I should have done so before today (it's hard to go out for drinks and order a diet coke and have people ask you why...I think people always assume I'm pregnant) So from now on, booze is out. Well now I immediately want to amend that, I've got this ball tournament and a grad this weekend. Well tough. It's still out. It's my goal for this month. And I've really really got to work on portion size. For example, supper tonight was a sub. Not so bad, light mayo and mustard on whole wheat, turkey and veggies. But they had a deal for 3 subs for $15. ok. Lunch for hubby tomorrow and supper and lunch and supper for me. well instead of only eating half my sub I ate approx. 3/4 (so 9 inches) Yeah, good thing to follow that booze down with! I am proud of myself for stopping and not just finishing the rest though. But a sub was already sort of a bad thing to get (I'm trying to up protein and reduce carbs) and then I make it worse by over doing it on portion control. I guess it really wasn't that bad. It's still a healthy option, not a weight gaint sorta food, just not helping with weight loss. And I've been eating really quite well. It's just all these bad things happen on the same day (shopping, drinks, bad eating, day off exercise). Makes me feel like I'm going backwards.
Well here's to a good weekend. I can turn it around. I don't know if I'll be posting a loss on monday but I did do pretty good on my goals for the week. Next week I'll just have to be a little more strict with them I guess. Anways, happy weekend!