Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ok so I guess i'm a newbie at this tracking and measuring and posting and stuff. Well this time it worked out in my favour. I forgot to factor in my TOM when I was measuring last week. Because I did it again last night and I was down INCHES! Well inches when you add up several body parts at least. ;) No but it was awesome! I'd been keeping this journal with only measurments at random periods of time for over a year. And it's been steady. Nearly exactly the same for a year! well this time every single thing changed, except my arms, which is fine, I like them. So I was feeling pretty good about myself so last night I took some "before" pictures - even though they're probably midway - in a BIKINI! If I get gutsy I'll post them in the future. Though taking the pictures was pretty funny. Husband was gone so I had to do it myself, and our screen is broken on the digital camera so it was like taking pictures with a film camera. You can't see what's going to be in it except through that tiny hole and you can't see what it turned out like after you take it! So maybe they won't turn out anyway.

And yesterday I did a great bike ride. Don't know how far but to the nearby town and back! took 1 hour. first half was easy with the wind behind me. The way back I sort of did intervals with the chorus on the tunes and the bike gears and it really wasn't too bad. By the time I got back I was sort of disappointed, it felt like it wasn't that tough of a workout. But it burned calories right? That's the thing with biking, I don't get huffy and puffy like running. and it was so windy I didn't get sweaty either. I'll have to check my heart rate next time. But I'm going to wait a bit before I get on the bike again. MY BUTT IS SO SORE! I guess I need to toughen up down there...

So I'm listening to this podcast called Fitcast you can get it through itunes or It's hardcore. I feel like i'm learning lots but perhaps it's dangerous. I think it's targetted more at personal trainers and people who know their anatomy and weight lifting terms. And I've been hitting up the websites of their guests and so on. One good one so far is I signed up for her newsletter. Anyway, what I've been learning is basically that to lose weight you can just eat fewer calories and you'll lose. Or you can go for a jog every morning for 1/2 hour and you'll lose. You can do both, you'll lose. But you'll be losing muscle and fat and it won't be efficient. Or you can lift weights and eat protein and you might gain weight - but you'll lose fat. you should see this girl's body. wow. Yeah her abs are amazing, but look at her shoulders!
I'm a little fuzzy on the nutrition part. Probably because I don't want to hear it, it sounds like high protein and fat and low carb. I'm addicted to carbs. Every one of my favorite foods is high carbs. Even my favorite fruit is the carbiest one - bananas. well I'm working on upping the protein. And I hear that once you make the transition to low carb, you'll hate it for a few weeks but after that you won't even crave them, your body switches over. I don't know though...I'm working on the weight training first.

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