Friday, June 15, 2007

Crazy weekend hectic

So today I packed a salad for lunch even though my bag of lettuce was starting to go bad and I didn't have any meat to put on it. I'm not sure if I'm going to eat it. The 3 salad thing is pretty tough. by the end of the week I just don't want them any more. I'll have to try a monday, tues, wed next week. But I'm leaving work here at probably noon. I've got to take the car to a shop to get the sunroof measured. (our glass got broken out and we need them to cut a new piece) and I have to buy a father's day present. Plus I've got to be home at about 2:00 as my husband got off work early to go home and go to the lake with his dad and brothers in law. So i'm going home with him to visit my dad and go golfing and hang out for a few days. But nobody's going to be home tonight so I've got plans to exercise on mom's treadmill and weight machines. fun holiday using other people's equiptment. It's hard to buy father's day presents. anybody have any good ideas? I'm trying to find some weird barbeque seasoning thing. I saw in a flyer once, it's like a marinade with a syringe to inject it. I think dad would find that cool. We've already got him a portable air compressor.
Anyway, back on topic. Ate sorta bad last night. tons of carbs. Also made cookies for husband's lake trip and my dad. Saved only 6 of each kind for at home. I can handle that. I only ate 1 cookie last night too. so hopefully can get a workout in tonight and then golfing tomorrow carrying my bag is a bonus one. Try and eat good at home. First real test. I usually don't do too bad cause mom's got lots of free good food (she's got high cholesterol). Then saturday night and sunday will be back here with sister in laws. I usually do pretty good around them. I find when I'm with people I eat better than just by myself. So this might be good. wish me luck!
Have a good weekend everybody!

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