Thursday, June 21, 2007


Did you ever have a fight with your husband while at work? Embarrassing and hard to do. You sort of forget where you are on a cell phone, then when you remember you don't fight as well and let some of your arguments get away.

It's about my little brother's high school grad. It's falling on the same weekend as a ball tournament that my husband always goes to and it really is lots of fun. But priorities right? Family first! No it's not going to be as fun for us but it's not about us. And no my brother wouldn't say anything if hubby wasn't there but I think it would still hurt. Not to mention the rest of my family. Nobody would say anything but still it would be him choosing something fun over my family. "but I'd have to get off work early, and I have to help my dad with fireworks, and we've got all these friends that need entertaining". Well really. He probably would have got off work early anyway and he does it all the time for just random reasons. His dad would just have to do fireworks without him, he's done it before, he already said he could get C to help if he had to. Yeah his dad would prefer if it was hubby but if it can't be it can't be. And all these friends we have to entertain, they've all been there before. They know how to set up a tent and and go to the beer gardens without us. (they always stay at hubby's folk's farm). I even talked to MIL last night about it (she asked, I didn't go crying to her!) and she agrees with me. Family first. It's not about how much fun you're going to have it's about being there for an important day for somebody else. I already feel bad that I forgot about this until recently. Scrambling to find a present and dress and making my brother feel important and that it's not something worthy of forgetting. I mean, when you're in high school nothing's more important than grad! Now hubby seems to be coming around but he's being an a$$ about it. I'm sure he's going to come, grumble the whole time, get out of there as fast as possible and then tell me later, "see I didn't need to be there!" So frustrating! This is how every one of our fights goes. If he ever gives in I end up appologizing and feeling bad about getting my way! Jacka$$!
Sorry about that unrelated to weight loss rant. Had to get it out.
Now back on track: went for a jog last night to watch hubby play ball. then jogged home. So it felt like 2 runs even though total distance was exactly the same as regular one, I always run by the diamonds. Do you think that might be better though? I sure felt more tired than I do after just a regular one. Bought edamame beans at costco too. (like soy beans in pea pods I guess). only 90 calories per dish. I think it will be enough for lunch, with fruit and dessert. Plus super good for you and yummy! Something with ground bison for supper it's been in the fridge a few days, ready to eat. Tonight will be a weights day. Probably elliptical as well if tv's good.
Also, tried some Melaleuca fibre drink. Eww. Now I know why people don't like them. They've got pulp! lots of pulp! I've been spoiled as the first one I tried was the tasteless kind that dissolves completely and you can use in cooking. I've been putting it in crystal lite. But that's a double expense you know? so I tried to cheapen it up with flavoured fibre. but I couldn't drink it so I had to add a crystal light anyway. Now I've got a tub of it and have to find a way that I can handle it! Anybody have suggestions? Recipes using the orange flavoured fibre drink?

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