Monday, June 11, 2007

Happy Monday

Hello and happy monday!
I had a pretty good weekend. Steak night went well. I didn't load up my plate like usual and I didn't even finish what I had on there. Drank a million diet cokes and 1 rum and diet.
Saturday curbed all cravings with watermelon. Sure hope there isn't some reason watermelon is bad because I love it. Fills you up and is mostly water. Went out for supper with my family and we had chinese. Not the best but it was individual plates and not buffet or anything. again didn't finish my plate. Had people over for a party that night and I ate some chips and dip (fat free). But again didn't drink anything but diet coke. Not sure if that's why but I didn't have a ton of fun on either friday or saturday. might be PMS as well. Then Sunday had eggs and toast for breakfast. grilled cheese for lunch. pizza for supper. ok so that doesn't sound that great. but it was just egg whites, and homemade pizza light on the meat and cheese. and then a yogurt and strawberry dessert. but here's why I'm ok with this all. Saturday morning went for a nice long run and then came home and did a full body weight training. Sunday afternoon all we did was rake and hoe and dig the backyard. I was so sore last night and tired. today my hands are getting tired from just typing (i need to work on my forearm strength). I've got blisters on my hands and my back and shoulders are killing me today so it was a nice strong fat burning day.
The other good news, except in a weird way, is my clothes are looser! I just bought a skirt made of jogging pant material and a large sized golf shirt last week, then wore them this weekend. They were loose! the shirt looked too big (looked comfy and not terrible but not really a nice dressy/sexy look anymore) and I had to use the drawstrings on the skirt! Yay! Except that means I just wasted money on clothes that dont' fit. But the good news is I can fit into the clothes I used to wear better. I'm wearing a fitted tshirt that used to show side rolls a little too well but looks good now! yay!
I checked the scale this morning, decided monday mornings is weigh in. Good way to stay accountable on the weekend. anyways, the number is 142.2. It's hard to say just how many pounds lost that is and since when. So we'll just call that the new starting number for everything. I weigh myself several times a day sometimes. I know I shouldnt' but the scale is right there in the bathroom every time I go! Your weight fluctuates a great deal every day and it can be good and bad. So now I'm just going to try and do it only first thing monday mornings. That way it will at least be consistant and hopefully the lowest of the day.
That brings me to goals. I'm going to do weekly goals and limit them to 3, so here they are this week:
1. no peeking at the scale!
2. eat salad for lunch 3 days
3. exercise 4 days (I was going to say 3 but this is something to push for right?)

so wish me luck!

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