Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Man I am finding some good stuff at Alwyn Cosgrove's! I hope everybody who reads this blog also finds there way to Alwyn's and reads some of his stuff. From what I gather - he is the SH*T in weight loss and personal training. His wife's page is pretty cool too (she's the girl with the abs and arms from the earlier post).
Anyway this new entry was about goal setting and so on. But it had one additional thing I'd never heard before: know the price. Yes you know the reward, but what's it going to cost you. People don't plan for that and they get scared off when they come across something and quit. So figure out the price before hand and decide if you're willing to pay it. Read the article it's much better than I am. You can think of it as bartering, "I'll give up chips and candy if you'll give me a 6-pack. No you'll only give me a smaller dress size? Well what if I give up cookies and sleeping in? Deal!"
If anybody else knows of this guy or knows of any other great experts to listen to let me know! Also, if you're new to him and read some of his stuff, let me know what you think!

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