Wednesday, June 27, 2007

this guy's a genius

More good stuff from Alwyn Cosgrove's site.
"A 1998 study that showed that the addition of 45 minutes of hard aerobic training, 5 times a week for twelve weeks - had no effect on fat loss

A study from 1994 showed an interval training method that actually reduced body fat (skinfold measurements) nine times more than traditional cardio training -- despite taking less time, and actually burning less calories per session

Another study (1999) showed that the addition of a specific resistance training program increased fat loss by 35% over diet plus aerobic training.

That same study also showed that 3 aerobic sessions of up to 50 mins, for 12 weeks (36 sessions) only increased fat loss by one pound over dieting alone"

So the answer is: weight training not aerobics will melt fat. Work smarter not harder.

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