Thursday, June 14, 2007


So I thought I'd add a picture of me since there was one taken recently that I sort of like. I had just gotten my hair done that day and for the first time in my life realized (with the help of a hairdresser) that I had naturally curly hair! Wow! So this is me at the beginning of June about to go to the bar for a girl's night. The shirts a bit flowy and loose for you to get a real sence of my size and shape but you get the idea. i'm sort of pleased. It's about the standard shape and size. at least it's not bigger like it was last summer. Weight is the same I think but i'm more toned now. Let's see if I can find a before picture....

There. That's me and my skinny little sister. She's always been thin and pretty and popular. Big sisters are not supposed to be jealous of their little sisters. Anyway. You can see the chub in my face in this picture. Granted I'm wearing a bunny hug so again, can't tell the shape or size of me. I'm filling it out more than I'd like to.

There so that was fun. A before and after of 1 year ago. I think i'm going to take a new before picture in my workout clothes. That way you can see my shape better. And then hopefully in a few months I can show you an after picture in a bikini! (there's incentive!)

So yesterday with the new grass I didn't get a chance to go for a run as I wanted to watch the water. So I did a weight routine in the house. I did one on tuesday as well but I just did it from memory and I thought that was sort of sloppy. So I grabbed my fitness magazine and did the bikini workout from there. It was alright. Only 6 exercises and you do each for 1 minute and then do a minute of light cardio in between and you repeat it twice. Seemed sort of easy. Only one minute of squats with jumps, one minute of shoulder presses. That's because the class I was taking was a full song of each movement and that was a ton. So maybe I'll just up my weights and try this for a few weeks. I also was sort of slack on the cardio in between, used it to get a drink, watch the sprinklers, find a stopwatch. So if I'm more disciplined and load up on weight, maybe do one more circuit, it should be good. Those magazines are so ridiculous though. They tell you - bikini body in 8 weeks with this workout! well in small print they talk about on the days you don't do this one you should do 45 - 60 minutes of cardio intervals. Well really! Do you think 3 days of 60 minute cardio intervals might be what's getting you the bikini body? That's something I'm going to incorporate for goals next week I think. Cardio intervals as opposed to steady state. Hopefully I remember.
I've been eating well the past few days. Hubby hasn't been home for supper so I could cook whatever weird healthy food I wanted. Made wild rice (1/2 wild 1/2 minute), green beans, and canned beans or leftover salmon for supper the last 2 days. Yum. Didn't have my cookie last night, had the yogurt and strawberries, even though, probably wasn't hungry enough for all that. Should have just had a couple strawberries dipped in yogurt. satisfy the sweet craving and give an "end" to my meal.
I did measurements last night to keep away the weighing temptation. Well I shouldn't have. I've got them written in a book from a year ago, and a month ago and a few times in between. Well they haven't really changed ever. At least not smaller. It's very frustrating. I know my belly is better than it was, but I guess the size hasn't changed, just the shape. My belly button now is straight, not down, know what I mean? A few less rolls than there used to be. But no measureable change. ptewee. I think I'm going to have to make some goals about non physical things: lift a certain weight, do some kind of cardio program. then I can see how far I've come on somethign that's bound to change. Any ideas?
Well I haven't really done a thing at work yet and it's already 10:30 (sweet - easy day). dont' want to get fired now that i'm finally full time!

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katieo said...

You are so CUTE! I didn't realize we were so similar with our stats. I started at 153.4 and my goal weight is 135. ! Cool!