Monday, June 18, 2007

First loss! 150.0!

So I've had my first planned and measured loss EVER! YAY! I lost 2.4 lbs in 1 week! I'm not completely sure that maybe I wasn't dehydrated or something else that might have been messing it up because I stepped on the scale and it read that. Then I had breakfast (2 toast with pb) and got dressed and it was 2 + lbs higher (which would mean no loss....) but I'm going to take the lowest I got. At least for this first week for a first loss to help motivate me for the future. Shows me that I CAN DO THIS! wow!
Now of course i'm going to analyze. I think what might have helped a lot was actuallly the weekend. Friday night I did exercise at home while my parents were gone still. Walked on their treadmill because I was watching a movie and didn't want to be too loud for my brother. So upped the incline and it was awesome. It was something I never do, so even though it was lower intensity workout than jogging, it was rougher on my body which is a good thing. Then Saturday morning I went golfing with my parents. Walking, swinging, carrying my 30 lb (?) bag for 2.5 hours. My hips and knees really felt odd afterward. It's a bad sign when you're out of shape for walking. 2 days of a walking workout in a row and I was messed up. Hole 9 I had to do some squats and jog in place to loosen up my joints again. weird. Anybody interested in golf - I also corrected a slice that was developing by hole 6 and had a great end of the round (first half sucked). Then sunday came back home and had a fight with my husband (I could write a blog and a half about that!) anyway, to cool down I went for a run in the rain. I tried to do interval training, running really fast on the chorus and slower on the verse. It was great. That's the new plan for this week's exercise. Then did a weight routine after. But all 3 of those workouts this weekend are more than I normally do on a weekend I think. At least they were different things that my body isn't used to so it had to work harder in them than normal. It's scary to plan to do that sort of thing because I get tired enough doing my regular workouts. But yesterday just felt so good. It didn't exactly "hurt", just pulled more out of me than I knew I had. Awesome.
So since it's monday and I succeeded at all my goals (except I didn't eat that rotten salad friday, the effort was there though) and they worked to give me a loss, it's time to set some new weekly goals!
1. 3 days of high intensity interval training (HIIT) - basically different from regular exercise is what I mean
2. Minimum 2 days of heavy weight training. with the weights I currently do, I can do 25+ reps. It should be 12. So up the weight.
3. Something to do with food...Have only 1 "snack" at each lunch. If I'm still hungry I can have something in an hour.
There. I feel good about those. I think I can do them but they aren't just easy. Plus, whether or not they make a dent on the scale, I think I'll feel really good about just accomplishing those things.

How was everyone's weekends? Mine was good. went home to visit my dad (hubby went fishing with his dad) and go golfing. Found out when I got home it was summer event at home (slow pitch, cabaret, general small town excitement). And I felt like a loser because it looked like I came home just for that. I should clarify. I was never picked on or bullied or anything in high school but I was never cool and I didn't really have any good friends. So I never went to the parties cause I didn't want to go by myself. I got along fine with everyone at school though, it was just more like they were people I "worked" with, not my friends. And in a small town with only 20 people in your grade you were limited on who you could be friends with. Anyway, as soon as I went away to university I was in heaven. I remember thinking "You can actually PICK who you want to be friends with and hang out with. You aren't stuck with people because they're the only options." so now I have lots of friends who share interests etc. but I still feel dumb when I go home and see some people from high school. Puts my right back into the not quite cool mode and don't want to go to the party alone. Which of course is exactly what happened. I saw a girl I went to high school with who I hadn't seen in years working at the gas station (and this girl makes me feel bad about myself?) and asked if I wanted to go to the dance saturday with her and I made up some excuse about my brother blah blah. I don't know why exactly except that I was scared of feeling the same way. She was being way nicer to me than she ever was in high school, offered to pick me up. So I wouldn't have minded hanging out with her. But I would have been just hanging off of her all night. Still wouldn't have talked to the other cool people who were her friends and I knew but never hung out with before. I don't know. It's messy. That's why in a couple weeks when it's the neighbouring town's summer event (where my husband is from) I still feel sort of the same way and dont' want to look like I .... I don't know how to finish that sentence... don't want to look like I came home for the "town" party I guess. So we bring all of our city friends and just hang out with them. Make a ball team of people nobody else knows so we look so cool with all our friends we don't need you. Oh my god I am so messed up. I think I was seriously emotionally damaged in high school and my scars are showing now. This was almost 10 years ago! Let it go! I've got confidence now I didn't have in high school, I could go up to the cool kid and have a conversation and I DON'T CARE WHAT THEY THINK. There. I feel a little better. Just grow up a little Randi, sheesh.
Ok so that wasn't about weight loss or anything. But I'm sure part of my problem through high school had to do with feeling fat so you could find a connection if you wanted. And even now I'm picturing myself at my goal weight, looking fabulous and the cool kids would want to come and talk to me. There, now I've turned some childish drama and mental issues into motivation. Of course it was related...
big motivation too - the next summer event with slow pitch and parties (also my little brother's grad) is 2 weekends away! How much can I accomplish by then?

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