Tuesday, May 27, 2008

1 day success, 26 days to go.

Carolyn and I are having a contest. We're both going to tie with 27/27 though. It's a "stay on track for 27 days - seriously now!" contest. As part of her kick ass summer challenge, halfway point, and both of us not being where we want. So we gonna do this. and be awesome. or "be extraordinary" for you Grey's fans.

Right, so yesterday, 100% on plan. go me! Eats: leftover omlete for breakfast, salad with tuna for lunch, apple, grapes, almonds, yogurt for snacks. roast beef and asparagus for supper. watermelon for evening snack. woohoo! Oddly enough, like no starchy carbs all day. very weird for me. Usually breakfast is for sure one. Hmm.

Then I also did some running intervals. Found a new path. The intervals weren't as strict as they should have been, but that's what you get with a dog. I had to walk a couple times because she was being so bad, barking at other dogs. Plus she had to go to the bathroom a million times! But I did about 1/2 an hour of intervals. go me.

Yesterday I did drink crystal light or "green tea" calorie free juice all day. Only like 1 bottle of water, the rest juice. That would add up I suppose to 50 calories or something I guess. Not sure why, just wasn't feeling the water. I think it did help me from munching so that's good.

Less than a week until SIL moves out! yay! We're trying to buy her a deep freeze right now as a wedding present before she buys her own (early wedding present). Somehow I'm in charge of this. She moves out on sunday, the day of my tri, so I doubt I'll be helping move much. Which I don't mind! But still feel kinda guilty about. So I was thinking of making her a house warming present. I was gonna get a big basket and make her "meals for a week" by putting in things like a loaf of bread, some cans of soup, cheese slices, ketchup etc. Basically things for grilled cheese and soup. It'll still be cheap, but really handy I think. That way they don't need to instantly buy a million things. I was gonna do things like ketchup and peanut butter and sugar and sort of pantry items and condiments that they might forget to buy, but I don't really know what she'll use. She doesn't bake or anything. So I figure grilled cheese is good. Is that too weird of a present? I think it's cute.

Today's way to stay on awesome track has to do with what else I did yesterday. Buy groceries! I bought strawberries and watermelon as well as apples and bagged salad stuff, I also love how Extra Foods now has these bright pink 50% off stickers for produce and stuff that's nearly at it's best before date. Maybe you think it's gross but I ALWAYS buy this stuff. I can usually eat it before it's "expiry" date, and usually those dates are conservative. No I don't eat rotten food! I also bought some steaks and some short ribs and BBQ sauce and cereal. All very exciting healthy foods. I was also thinking of cooking up a small turkey. Since this is the last week we'll be cooking for 4 people sorta makes sense. We'll see though.

So lunch today is a ham sandwich (with this low fat stone baked ham stuff, very good) with mustard lettuce and tomatoes. Yogurt, watermelon, strawberries, cheese string and an apple are snacks. Supper tonight is steaks. Maybe make some potatoes to go with it, I'll limit my carb intake though. Maybe some grilled zuccini for me instead. Then probably a salad. Sounds nice huh? And lots of watermelon for dessert! I might be wrong, but I basically gave myself a free pass on the watermelon, eat as much of it, any time I want. You get so full anyway with it.

OH, also this thursday is my anniversary! 4 years with hubby. We may or may not do anything. There's a free bike tune up and bbq for the MS bike tour (happening in Sept) that I want to go to, free bike tune up just days before my tri? Perfect! (yes I'll go for a bike afterward to make sure I'm still used to it). Our anniversary thing if we do go out will be to Moxie's. Our "date" (the only thing we ever do and haven't done for over a year) is to go there, get the spinach artichoke dip appetizer, eat or don't eat supper, go to McNally Robinson (book store next door) and hang out for an hour or so, they let you read the books in the store with all these chairs everywhere. Then go back to Moxie's and have white chocolate brownie for dessert. It's a really great night and we never ever do it, however it's totally food centered. It is a fine once in awhile thing, a definate treat. However i'm trying to be PERFECT for the next 26 days. I think I may need to sacrifice. Maybe we'll plan a different sort of date, go to a movie or something. Child's popcorn and diet coke is much less damaging than a white chocolate brownie.

HEY guess what else? My Garmin showed up! I haven't picked it up because the post office was closed, but tonight I am playing with my heart rate and speed! yay!

Anyway, I hear Angie has posted her new detailed food plan so I need to go read that now!


SeaBreeze said...

If you still want to do Moxie's they have the "Bite of Brownie" that is about 1/2 the size of the full one, so it wouldn't be as bad. Also, I hear you can ask for veggies with your dip rather than the chips (but I haven't tried this myself). I tried to find the nutritional information for both of these items with no results, sorry.

eurydice said...

i think the basket is a great idea... very thoughtful.

Genevieve said...

I love to do gift baskets for people!! So naturally, I think that is a good idea - and in the first week or so of getting a new place you are too busy unpacking to cook much of anything fancy - usually I have soup and sandwhiches when I first move. For one of my sister's wedding presents (I got her two little things cause I was MOH) I put together a 'pizza making' basket with fancy pizza sauces, capers, artichokes, roasted red peppers, garlic paste, a dough mix, a fancy pizza pan, a pizza cutter, a new big cutting board and stuff like that - she loved it.

You will do awesome for the next 26 days, no problem! Way to go!

tash said...

I think that present is awesome! Very sweet and very useful!

Jenn said...

Good job with the day!!!

I think that the basket is a great idea too. Maybe put some spices in it, and some basic cooking utensils, dishtowels, etc. I think that it is a very useful gift.

Sagan Morrow said...

Omigod Omigod LOVE the white chocolate brownie. I've been craving it the past few days:)

Also LOVE McNally Robinson. I go there about once a week to happily indulge in perusing the books.