Tuesday, May 13, 2008

wake up

Hello Randi?! Guess what's going on in 5 days? I know you know, you've been getting ready for it for months. That's right, the baby shower. It's great that you've got this plan for the baking and the cleaning and getting the house ready and stuff. But did you forget the other thing? The thing you'd be obsessed about for the last 2 months if you weren't hosting it? Yeah, the belly and the clothes and the looking smoking hot. mm-hmm.

Well I don't think it's completely too late. Besides, you're looking pretty good already. ;) I think this week you need to focus on a bit of targeted strength training, 5 days should do it since you're so genetically gifted in the muscle department. (seriously, I can watch my bicepts grow before my eyes). Also need to watch those servings and calorie deficit thing. Last night wasn't great (I had seconds of supper, and I NEVER DO THIS!!!) but you're set for today. You should be busy enough at night with other shower stuff and working out that you won't be snacking.

OK, enough 3rd person talk.

I do need to figure out what I want to wear to this shower. I'm thinking skirt or dress since it's supposed to be a nice spring day. I've got my amazing multi-style dress that I could wear, in a number of styles. I wore the black one to Phantom, I've also got teal and brown. Brown is my favorite. It's also super comfy, but it feels like pyjamas. There is no form to it at all, so if my posture is bad or I'm bloated or anything, it's right there visible.

I have a few nice skirts, I bought these skirts on sale a year ago, one is white with black polka dots and the other is black with white polka dots. They fit great now, maybe big, but they just sit lower then. But I always have a problem figuring out what to wear with skirts. And do you tuck shirts in and stuff? I've also got my black, high waisted pencil skirt from Christmas that I could wear with a white with black polka dot shirt (looks really cute and like a 40's secretary. We'll see. If I'm feeling ambitious and find some time tonight I might do a fashion show for you all.

Even though I'm fairly happy with my shape and my shrinking, my body type in general sometimes gets me down, I'll never have the tiny waist hour-glass, I'm wide waisted, surf board shape. Well that's not quite right. I'm swimmer shaped. Nice wide shoulders and good taper, but then no skinniest part and back out. It's cool, I can deal. But it means some clothes don't look flattering ya know? And with the people showing up, I wanna "impress" them. PLUS, since I'm hosting, I'll be center of attention for games and stuff and want to not have to worry about sucking my gut in all the time. Hence, an emergency lean for the next 5 days and definately need to find the right outfit. The best thing is that all my clothes fit, I don't have to worry about busting out of a top or making muffin tops on my skirts. I don't really think I have time to go shopping for an outfit so I gotta do the best with what I have.

Anyway, today's lunch was a pb sandwich, apple and honeydew. morning snack was just some lemon yogurt. I'm trying to revisit my old friend fibre since I was reading some stuff last night and it reminded me that it keeps you feeling full and less likely to wanna eat all the time. breakfast was oatmeal with vanilla soymilk, gotta drink that stuff up! Afternoon has another apple for me, along with a cheese string and carrots. Supper I hope I'll be making and it's gonna be a pasta with sausage and veggies. Probably just a pesto instead of sauce. I've got all these spicy italian sausages that I bought and froze individually without the casings on because I had all these recipes that needed it, now I can't remember what any of them were for. I think it should work with a pasta.

Tonight's workout is just a bike ride. Gonna leave the dog at home for this one, since no suprise, the bike was the hardest for me. (lack of training will do that huh?). gonna do a serious train though I don't really know what that means. Maybe some kind of intervals.

yesterday I did my TT workout and did the run intervals as well. I think after this week I'm going to move on past the intermediate TT and onto whatever the next one is called. I'm getting a little too comfortable with the exercises I think. Nothing is just killing me at the end any more. I could change the weight for stuff but I've got my barbell at 50lbs and though I could squat heavier, it's hard to lift it on to my shoulders, and lunges are tricky with the balance and stuff. (I do the same weight for all exercises, might not be the best, but that's too much changing with my set up.)

Anyway, I guess I better get back to work. I'm still busy here, as evidenced by the 460 blogs unread in my google reader. I am still peaking in at some of you, though only commenting when something really hits me. So sorry, i'm sure I'll be back to normal soon. Plus, I should get rid of some of the blogs in there anyway. Way too many to read regularly.


tash said...

Do the fashion show for us! Post pics of you in all the different outfits and we can vote on which one looks the hottest (because I know they will all look hot).

Jen said...

I completely agree with Tash! (that's like the 3rd time I have said that today!)...I think you are going to be your own worst critic!!!

You could try making stuffed peppers with italian sausage (and other yummy things like rice and other veggies)...if you are into that stuff