Wednesday, May 14, 2008


First the cute little baby clothes I made.

A yellow sleeper thing made before we knew it was a girl:

An adorable blue dress with a back zipper, and crotch snaps for diaper changes:

Now for me. I apologize for the angled pictures, but that's the only way I could get the tripod to sit. I also apologize for my nasty expression and weird way of standing.

Option 1: brown multi-dress in strapless no tie

Option 2: brown multidress in single shoulder strap

Option 3: brown multi dress in strapless front tie

Option 4: brown multi dress with straps

Option 5: jean capris with white shirt that's too big

Option 6: Jean capris with white shirt that sorta fits.

Option 7: jean capris with yellow top that makes me look thick waisted

Option 8: dress with orange flowers

Option 9: pink dress I sewed

Option 10: white pants with yellow top (also have same top in black and white)

I think these pants make my butt look good
However they are sorta too big

Option 11: yellow top with jean skirt

Option 12: yellow top with polka dot skirt

Option 13: black top with polka dot skirt

Option 14: polka dot top with black high waisted skirt

Option 15: polka dot shirt with grey pencil skirt I sewed (that doesn't fit great)

Option 16: polka dot shirt with plain black skirt

Option 17: polka dot shirt with jean skirt

So there's a lot to choose from huh? Also, if you guys have an idea of how to switch it up (polka dot shirt with capris or skirt with different shirt etc) let me know and I can do another fashion show tonight. I've got basically every color cotton tank top/t-shirt as well as just black pants or white capris (I think too big-ish). I've worn that dress with flowers over black pants before and it's nice, but kinda formal looking and dark. I really like the polka dot things, either skirt or shirt, but really have no idea what to wear them with. help?

It was fun trying on all this stuff, I was suprised that a lot of it is too big now! SHOPPING TIME!


Sara said...

wow you certainly have a tough decision ahead of you. My two faves are the option 4 and 14. BTW - where did you get the multidress? I would love one of those!

Jen said...

I agree on 4 and 14! I LOVE the multidress on you, straps might just be nice so you aren't adjusting the top but it looks FANTASTIC on you strapless, you have a REALLY great body!

I loved 10 on you as well, but for some reason I ALWAYS go for skirts/dresses for a baby shower...and 13 looks great too!!!

CaRoLyN said...

Love the fashion show!!
I like the strapless dress with the tie in the front. Such a cute dress! Did you make that or buy it? I love it! Plus you look smokin hot in all the outfits.
I like option #13 too.
I think the dress is the way to go though. Look fantastic and I love that color on you.

tash said...

I love option 1. Wear gold heels (or flats if you don't like heels) and gold funky jewellery with hair half up or all down with the ends in big curls. (Yes - I know I am bossy). I love the dress (no wonder - I havwe the exact same one) and it works for being as dressy or as casual as you want.

Sagan Morrow said...

Oooh pretty! Love the fashion show.

Adora said...

ooooo! fashion show! love it!!
I love all the yellow. I'm determined to own yellow shoes this season, but haven't found the right pair yet.

My favorite is the high-waisted black skirt. It really gives you that hour-glass look you're wanting and the length is perfect! I would also consider buying a cute sweater and a couple of those cute skinny belts to cinch in the floaty tops you've got on with the skirts. At least for a different look when you wanted one. :)

ashley said...

I think Option 8 looks great on you.

You are in such good shape! Your legs are so sculpted. Go Randi!