Thursday, May 8, 2008

Back to awesome


Though it's not friday morning when I usually count these things, I step on the scale nearly every day. Always the same thing, between 138 and 139.5. EXCEPT TODAY! I saw 137.0. Woohoo! It's gonna stick for sure because I have refound my motivation.

As I slept in this morning and did not go to the pool. haha.

But I needed sleep and I don't regret it.

Yesterday's supper ended up being the pita pizzas. and I only had half of one and that's lunch today. I think yesterday was a low cal day, with edamame for lunch instead of a big salad or sandwich or whatever. Plus at the end of TOM I used to always see a loss. So I'm back.

I did a very quick version of my TT workout. Instead of 3 sets of each thing I only did 2 and then just 1 for the last. We were almost late for ball so I did not do any running. Though I suppose running to first 6 times and then walking to the bench could be some kind of interval training. (I struck out the first time, then I got out on first every other time. I hate ball, more later). I went with everyone for a beer after the game and didn't have anything. then when everyone went for wings at the bar, I went home and had a small bowl of raisin bran. healthy healthy. (I read a review of cereals in Oxygen magazine one time and it said that Raisin Bran was one of the healthiest cereals, particularly for fibre. The other ones they said were good I'd never seen before, weird hippy food that you probably can't get here anyways. I just remember Raisin Bran because I like it).

Anyway, I completely hated ball. After my crappy batting, I played batcatcher. (is it backcatcher? is it 2 words?). growing up I played catcher for softball, and had the full equiptment and everything. I was fine. I was awesome. But slow pitch has no equipment (don't get me started on trying to run to first with no helmet, I actually screamed out "I'm scared of the ball" on one trip to first.) and so I because scared of the ball (since I used to stop grounders with my shins it sorta hurt). Now I can't even play catch because I can't remember how to throw properly and I'm afraid I'm gonna hit the batter when I throw to the pitcher, so it always goes almost to first base. I did catch 2 pop flies and get people out so everyone was like, "you did so good, you have play more often, you're on the team now" but I don't want to. The whole time I felt like what a claustrophobic feels like in an elevator. Just uncomfortable, panicky, stressed. It's ridiculous I know, and nobody understands that. PLUS I'm mad that I suck so bad. I hate being that girl.

Anyway, today I'm hitting some stores on my way home for yard stuff. Then I've gotta get a good ride in on the bike tonight and grease it up to make sure it's working good. Then at 8 it's good tv time so that's it for me. tomorrow will also be mellow and relaxed (maybe some visiting, maybe some house cleaning and laundry?) Gonna get ready for my race on saturday. The whole thing shouldn't take longer than like 1/2 an hour but whatever, it's still my first triathlon and I'm excited about it.

Anyway, pretty busy at work here lately, so hopefully that keeps me distracted from eating (though I can only eat the food I brought so I'm alright).


tash said...

Yeah 137! And I had edamame for lunch yesterday too. Love that stuff!

Sagan Morrow said...


I hated "playing ball" in grade school (perhaps my lack of hand-eye coordination was the problem...).

I couldn't help it- as soon as I saw mention of raisin bran I felt the need to check out its nutrition info. Feel free to disregard this! I just figured I'd mention the ingredient list in case you were interested... it starts off pretty decent but then its got high fructose corn syrup as the fifth ingredient (right after sugar). You might be better off having something like rolled oats or wheat germ with raisins added to it?

Genevieve said...

Congrats on hitting 137!!

I H-8, hate, baseball in all its forms and severely suck at it (likely why I hate it so much) so I am with you there.

Good luck on the triathalon this weekend!

Marissa said...

Great job on the loss!

I like playing softball but not with the team I'm playing with right now. And at Monday's game, I got hit in the leg with a softball and that monstrous knot has sidelined me from running this week. If it comes down between softball and running, I'm picking running every single time!!

MizFit said...

oh that I possessed the hand/eye coordination to EVER HIT THE BALL!

and yes

I loved your post title.

made me smile.


eurydice said...

yum edamame is so delicious. and congrats on your loss. :o)

Angie All The Way said...

hahaha "hippy food" hahaha lol That's exactly how I feel every time I go to Planet Organic - like I stick out like a sore thumb! ;-)

Congrats ont he loss Randi!!! That's wicket!

ashley said...

Good job on your loss! My scale showed +1, so I'm struggling to keepp my motivation! Sometimes it all does get to you- good or bad!