Wednesday, May 7, 2008

busy again

But I can give you a quick post (I say as if I'm doing you a favour...)

OMG Phantom was AWESOME! I had never seen a professional musical before. My hubby actually used to be in a lot of community theatre musicals which I was quite impressed with as they were a significant step up from the high school plays I'd seen before. But THIS! I'm not ashamed to admit that I got that same little girl crush on Raoul (the actor) and I swear he was looking at me when he was singing. *sigh*. It is a feeling I remember getting all the time when I was young. Anyway, it was fantastic and I loved it.

I was so super rushed getting changed and dressed and everything that I didn't have time to make a shake. Seriously, not an excuse. I had an A&W Mama burger (aka, single burger, no cheese). and a diet rootbeer.

We had the car in getting work done, there was a noise with the fan and the AC didn't work. Plus and oil change. Well turns out that the noise and the AC were related, and it would cost $3500 to fix. So we aren't going to! I'm for selling it now, but hubby wants to drive it until the fall or something. We'll see. It's already all paid for so it would be nice to just have 1 car payment for a little while longer.

Tonight I'm gonna do a TT workout and hopefully an interval run before ball. Also gotta get ready for swimming tomorrow and hopefully get to bed early. Lacking a little sleep (for me) lately.

Food today is good. fruit toast for breakfast (1 slice not 2). Then, yogurt and strawberries for snack. a big thing of edamame and all bran bites (100 cal pack, I know it's processed but I'm trying to fight the carb craving) and grapes. Afternoon is apple and cheese. Supper will be who knows what, since we'll have ball right after. Maybe I'll finally make those pita pizzas that I still haven't!

ok that's all, busy busy.


Candace said...

Aren't the major productions amazing. I've seen Jesus Christ Superstar years ago and I've seen Cats 3 times, once in Calgary, then hubby and I went in Halifax. I loved it so much I bought more tickets and took my Mom. I took my dd to see Annie as well. I swear if I was rich I'd buy season tickets.

MizFit said...


and musicals in general.



Angie All The Way said...

Q: How long have you been doing the TT workouts and what do you think about it results-wise? Or is it too early to tell..

Sagan Morrow said...

So jealous of your seeing Phantom! Lovelovelove it. And glad you had such a good time!