Tuesday, May 20, 2008

oh just things

So I hope everyone's weekends were great. Mine was pretty dandy. Didn't seem like a long weekend, I'm already dying for next weekend! I hate when I'm busy on weekends.

So friday night and all day saturday were spent cleaning my house top to bottom. It was ridiculous how long it took me to just make my house look like a normal person's place. I have GOT to start up the weekly scrubs again. I was doing things like washing baseboards and cleaning the fridge and washing the carpet. Took a lot of effort. But the house looks good now and it did for the shower too.

Except of course my MIL had to find the like 2 things that had gotten dirty since I cleaned and made little comments. "Oh, I would not be able to handle having white cupboards" as she's scrubbing below the sink (which gets dirty when you wash dishes which is what she was doing so no duh it's dirty again) and then "what exploded in here?" in the fridge where there were drips of maybe iced tea or something on the side of the fridge. I swear I washed it! grrrr....

anyway, I barely was ready in time for the shower sunday. SIL was NO help. I was cutting up fruit and setting up tables and chairs and stuff. She said she'd help me clean and help co-host the shower. But I did everything. Thank god she's moving out. It's getting annoying. The only thing she did was leave all day saturday so I could clean (which she could have helped do). She made a box mix of brownies when I asked her to bake something. Sunday morning when we were going to decorate and finish cutting veggies etc, she has a shower and proceeds to do her hair, iron her clothes and who knows what in her room for over 2 hours. I was in the shower when people showed up. (luckily just family, but still!)

Anyway, the shower was great. We got all sorts of compliments on our snacks, as in "the best spread I've ever seen" sort of compliments. We had soooo much good food, fruit and cream cheese dip, veggies and dip, turkey, salami, and ham and buns, 2 cheeses, chips and onion dip, cake with carmel sauce, muffins, brownies, cookies, carrot cake, cupcakes, hot bacon dip, tarts. It was awesome. I also got some compliments on my house but if somebody's never been to your place they're gonna say that anyway. "lovely home" sorta stuff. The best part was SIL (who the shower was for) gave me a big hug afterwards and thanked me and had tears in her eyes. Aww... Oh, plus my homemade baby clothes were a big hit and impressed everyone, of course! ;)

I even got a phone call monday from the other grandma of my neice (not MIL, other one) thanking me for opening my home and doing everything. nice.

So I spent $100 on groceries and we ate maybe a quarter, so I didn't make anybody pay me for anything, even the prizes for the games and stuff. Not to mention that we bought a new tv stand and gate for the backyard and spent probably a solid 30 hours over the last month getting ready. I guess this means it's more of a "gift" or favour this way. This SIL threw me a bridal shower years ago so I sort of owed her anyway (though I must say, mine was way more kick ass!)

Right so it was sort of nice it being at my house, because it was in-laws right? So instead of doing all sorts of small talk and visiting and stuff, I got to re stock the food or fill the punch or something. that was handy. However exhausting.

oh yeah, I did get a hair cut, but the dude (yes a guy) was dumb and didn't do what I wanted. It's still ok, but not what I asked for. Pic's later maybe.

And I wore the polka dot skirt with yellow shirt. Comfort prevailed (plus I was already way over dressed compared to everyone else. I mean they were underdressed compared to me)

I was doing pretty good exercise and diet wise. I did go for a long run saturday morning (8.8 km in 50 minutes, setting me up easily for a 57 minute 10k, though I was feeling crappy for the first half of the run, into the wind, plus I didn't eat much for breakfast and that was hours ago.) Not to mention not sitting all sat and sunday. I did not do my TT workout, nor did I get back on track monday. I did work my garden by hand with the garden claw (we dont' have a rototiller) so that was a good workout, I've got a huge blister that ripped open in the middle of my right palm now. So gross and hurt so bad.

Sunday afternoon until bedtime Monday was a disaster eating-wise. I ate so many leftover cakes and treats it was ridiculous. They're not even that good so I'm done eating them now. I did eat some healthy stuff, lots of fruit and slices turkey and buns and veggies and dip. Brought some of the healthy stuff for lunch today.

Oh, and again I sucked, I was gonna wake up early and go swimming today but decided I'd do it thursday instead. Well thursday I've got a work conference, but I think it doesn't start until 9, so maybe I'll just swim and then go straight to it instead of coming in to work before. I HAVE to swim this week. My tri is less than 2 weeks! (I feel like I may have peaked too early as I really haven't done anything since my last tri! but I guess that was just a week, and I've run and biked since then...)

Anyway, today gotta get a TT weight thing in. I'm switching to the next plan. Hopefully my poor blistered palm can handle it. May also do some more gardening, plant my vegetable garden, we'll see.


ashley said...

I hope we get to see pictures! It. Sounds like tons of work... Just count it all as one tough workout!

eurydice said...

cleaning is so much work. it feels great to finally clean the baseboards and stuff but it's so hard to maintain it all.

CaRoLyN said...

Yes! I want pictures too!
Sounds like it went pretty well, besides SIL's lack of appreciation. She should have been kissing your feet (for the homemade baby clothes alone! They ROCKED!)

YOU are MY "person I want to be" so move over. PLEASE Randi, when I saw your bikini pics I was like HOLY CRAP, THAT is what I need to be looking like in my bikini. You think you have stumpy legs...my are like tree trunks. You looks amazing in your bikini. Isn't it funny how when we look at ourselves we see the flaws but when we look at each other, we see how smokin hot we look?

Angie All The Way said...

I'm so glad your shower was a success and I'm super impressed about the homemade baby clothes too. You'll be the cool aunt who will be making halloween and xmas costumes!

Jen said...

WOW! It sounds like you did an awesome job!!! And most of all the person you were throwing the shower for appreciated, so that is awesome! (boo to your SIL though...can't wait for her to be gone!)

I love doing a big clean of my house...but I never keep it up!!!

MizFit said...

(you WILL swim this week.)

Im gonna echo the picture wanting and the irritation I imagine you felt when hairdude didnt do what you wanted.

I hate that.

Yet WHY am I certain it looks great anyway...

Cara said...

Oh man I would be so annoyed with the MIL. Thankfully my future MIL is nice and doesn't care about the clean house.

I hope everything is going well for you :-)

Sorry I have not been a big commenter, I have been really busy with the move. :-)