Thursday, May 29, 2008


So I'm embarrassed here at work right now. Well only a little bit. Happy too. Hubby sent me flowers for our anniversary! I sort of hate that though, weird I know. I'd sooner he brought them home at the end of the day to the house. I am soooo not a public person that this is embarrassing! When we were watching this improv play of hubby's from a few years ago he told me he was going to propose during the play but chickened out. I told him it's a good thing too. Some people might think that's great and love the attention and spectacle of it, but I would have hated it. HATED IT!

I am sort of used to the flowers thing at work. He's a sweetie who usually does this on my birthday and anniversary. but i'm sort of embarrassed. They are beautiful though, and he even asked them to put some lilies in because he remembered that they were my favorite. aww...

no camera so no picture, maybe tomorrow.

On another note. It's our 4 year anniversary! ok that's the same note. But I did not get hubby anything! Boo me! He got me these flowers and apparently something from ebay, just something little apparently.

I think I'm going to get him a watch. He just bought himself a cheap watch at walmart a week ago but hasn't worn it yet so we can return it. I'm gonna buy him a nice silver watch, but probably less than $100. Anybody know where to go? I'm gonna go at noon I think. what are the expensive trendy watches worth? Seriously, answer me about this!

hehe, just got distracted by my flowers. (no longer embarrassed, rubbing it in to all of you now, they smell good too!)

yesterday was another perfect day. it was almost not perfect, because I was SOOO close to eating something not perfect. I went shopping after work so I was hungry by supper. I can't even remember what I just about ate any more. Something definately not worth it. I did eat a leftover crescent roll and a small plate with roast beef and potatoes. I purposely made supper very small since I wanted to eat something post workout. I did, I had a chocolate protein drink with peanut butter and banana blended in. mmm.

So I was shopping yesterday. Very weird experience, in this store, which is basically a teen store I guess, I was a L or XL. Not a big deal. I tried on some size 8 pants, but they were weird skinny leg capris and they didn't fit over my calf. Sort of hilarious. I bought a tube top, 2 tanks (for under low cut shirts or bunny hugs, what I live in) and a bunny hug. Then I bought 3 bras on sale. I hate buying bras, but it's because I don't realize that bras don't last forever. They stretch out and should be thrown out. Once they don't fit like new anymore I gotta get rid of them. I thought my size had changed (again! lost all my weight in my boobs!) but it was just my bras were stretched out. So I bought 3 new ones and I'm gonna throw out some tonight.

Then last night I did my TT workout and then interval run. I just used my garmin and did my regular routine. It was soooo cool. Except the heart rate monitor just fits on the tightest size. Even then it sometimes slips. Don't know what to do about that. Plus I think I had poor contact for the first half of my run because it was showing really low HRs (like 30% instead of the 70% it was showing during weights and during the second half, when I was sweatier I think). Anyway, I put it on the computer and looked at it a million ways. I need to do more runs because I checked it out every way you could and wanted more. My average pace for 26 minutes was 5:09/km. Which would be amazing if I could do for my 10k, but probably not as I was doing sprint intervals.

Today I'm getting my bike tuned up and then probably just a easy-ish bike ride for a workout. No date since hubby's kinda busy, we'll do something next week. Tomorrow we've got bowling with his work. Saturday busy running errands and sunday's my race. Friday I'll take off completely. Saturday, do a light run, then it's race time! eek!

probably more later, work is driving me nuts.


tash said...

That's so sweet! But I am like you - I'd be so embarassed! I made the hubby promise that when he proposed, he'd do it in private!

Expensive watches can be VERY expensive. The last watch I bought the husband was a Seiko Kenetic and was 400$ and that was a great price for it.

CaRoLyN said...

Awwww! How sweet! Lillies are my favortie too! Love them!

Glad you are keeping up our 28 days of awesomeness! I am having an Epicure party tonight so I am going to have to be extra good but I bought lots of veggies and fruit to taste test with so I will stick to those and only try the dips that I've never had before. Plus I'm hoping I will be too busy getting drinks and hosting to really chow down.
I've never bought a men's watch so I've got nothing for ya. I would try Roots?

SeaBreeze said...

Winners, Costco, and The Bay all have Fossil Watches that are very nice and normally around the $100 mark. I personally <3 Winners for it, but I don't know what is located close to you.

Awesome on the flowers, I get them on Valentine's from a friend of mine and once the embarrassment is over they really are a pick-me-up for a solid week.

Angie All The Way said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww! Next year will be the first "milestone" year of 5 which I can't remember what the tradition is.

I don't like the whole attention thing either and I'm actually getting quite nervous for the walking down the aisle/wedding day part for that reason.

I just got a kickass guess watch that I love, but it was over $100. There are tons to choose from out there, I've been hunting around for eons.

Good job on staying perfect! :-P Keep it up! How are you finding the TT?

shelley said...

What is a bunny hug?

Happy Anniversary! Way to go on keeping up with your challenge!

Fatinah said...

happy anniversary - enjoy your flowers

Genevieve said...

Awww, congrats on your anniversary - my one year is coming up next monday!! I kind of get embarrased about that stuff (flowers, public expressions of love, etc..), but not too much, and ya, it usually passes fairly quickly! You must be from Sasketchewan if you say bunny hug!! I think its a cute term, but never use it myself. Good work on all the training, eating well etc...!!

Sagan Morrow said...

Flowers make the world a better place:)