Monday, May 12, 2008

why not another post

I also want to give a grade to my second week of the kick ass challenge. My goals of sticking to my exercise and eating plan - I give myself a D. Not great. I don't mean that I ate crappy or didn't work out, I did alright. But I didn't count my fruits or veggies or get all my TT workouts or my swim in last week. Not good. I was distracted with the race and shower prep last week. This week it's lots of shower prep, but I should be able to get my workouts easily. if I try at least. The food will be trickier since I'm trying to not buy much for groceries before the shower, keep room in the fridge. It's gonna be a lot of apples and sandwiches for lunches.


MizFit said...

if I try at least.
no trying only doing!!


this is my theme of the WOMAN CHALLENGE.


Cara said...

I give you an A for being awesome at least ;-)