Wednesday, May 14, 2008

other things

So a regular post:

Yesterday I got my bike in. I have no idea how good it was. Every time I became conscious of it I'd start peddling harder and going fast. I'd try and do super fast for the chorus of songs and slower for the verses. But I have no idea how I got so fricken tired during the race. I was pushing as fast as I could and as hard as I could but could still sing along to my tunes. oh well, at least I got another practice in.

The eats weren't the sausage I was gonna do, but instead SIL had made a frozen pizza. Whatever, I had 1 slice, (thin crust, probably all dressed but it was skimpy) and cooked up 2 cups of brocolli and cauliflower for myself. I also had a cranberry muffin because I suck.

I then made these cookies out of a cake mix that turned out only alright. I mixed them forever and they never did what they were supposed to, so I just dropped them all runny on to the cookie sheet and it worked ok. I ate a small one of those to make sure they were ok, and because I suck.

I also did the fashion show below last night so make sure you vote please. So far the black pencil skirt with polka dot shirt and the brown multi-dress with straps are in the lead. The high waisted skirt I have to suck my gut in, but maybe I should just get some spanx or something. Or just a do it yourselfer with duct tape? haha (seriously, it would work). I may or may not go with what you guys like. we'll see. Comfort may end up playing a factor. Or I might go shopping.

Tonight is TT workout (with added shoulder and arm movements I think) and then a run. Hubby's got ball so might run and then watch that. I also have a bunch of house cleaning to do so I might not stay for the whole game or anything. I think I'm done "making" things for the shower. I did my cookies and muffins, made a bunch of cute paper flowers to put on things as decoration (like on the game sheet and on serving dishes or something), plus my flower pots are planted. Even my tulips look like they might bloom for the weekend! How cool! So all that's left should be cleaning like a mofo and then cutting up veggies etc on saturday.

MAJOR news: SIL is moving out! Since her bf was living with us for the last 2 months (he's usually gone 3 weeks home 1, so he was sort of living with us the whole time, but he's been home for 2 months now) SIL offered to pay more for rent for both of them (duh, it's room and board including EVERYTHING, even food and phone etc) and she was only paying $250 a month. Which is ridiculous, we know. but we thought she was only gonna be living with us for a month or something back in August. So when she asked us what we wanted for the both of them, we said $400. Still, very cheap rent including food! but it looks like almost double, she was nice about it like "whatever you want is fine, but you can't think he eats $200 worth of food." no he doesn't, but it's food and laundry stuff and water and bills and a freaking roof over your head, and driveway parking spot and my inconvenience of giving up my craft room and spare bedroom and not being able to self tan and walk around naked.

So this was only the beginning of May, now May 14th, she's found a place to rent and is moving out June 1st. I was thrilled when she started looking, that was the whole point to increasing rent, we want her to have a plan and at least look, she moved in August 1st for what was going to be 1 maybe 2 months. But it was too convenient living with me so she never even looked. But when she found a place so quick it made me feel really guilty. Rent in the city is absurd and hard to find so it might be a dump. But with out my little push she was planning on staying until her wedding in Oct I think. Not cool. But she doesn't need to get out like NOW. Oh well, I think a few months from now it will all be in the past and we'll all be happier for it too.

But she's moving out in 2 weeks! HOLY COW!!! That means I get my room back! yay! It also means that I need to steal her pictures and stuff a whole bunch in the next two weeks. I'm making a slide show for her wedding and need to scan a million pictures, plus making a suprise scrapbook album and need those pictures also. Also, hubby is the MC of their wedding and needs to come up with some stories and stuff. We also have to start planning for Daisy a bit better, like if we went somewhere for the weekend, she's be home to watch Daisy if we wanted to leave her. Now we've gotta find somebody or something. Just exciting. I'm also gonna try and be super nice to SIL for the next couple weeks so she's not mad at me, if she is. Like she's gonna need stuff for the apartment (pots and pans, dishes etc) but they're getting married this fall so there's not much point buying nice new stuff that they'll probably get as wedding presents. So maybe we can do garage sales, plus I'll go through my stuff and she can have my doubles and stuff. ALSO, maybe I'll make a cute mini album as a present, with pictures and stuff from her year living with us. I think that would be cute. VERY busy 2 weeks.

Plus they're moving out the day of my tri. VERY BUSY.

Oh, and guess what else? I bought a garmin 305. AGH! $250 including shipping from ebay. What's a Garmin 305? It's a running/biking GPS with a heart rate monitor. I'm all geeked out now. (or in 7-10 days from now). It will tell me distance, speed, allow me to set up intervals based on heart rate, or distance or time, beep warnings if I start going too fast or too slow or whatever. Soo cool. Should help keep me motivated to keep running all summer.


tash said...

Very exciting that your SIL is moving out! I don't think Tim and I could ever live with anyone again (we lived with his parents for 2 years). I love walking around naked and sharing the shower too much!

And very sweet of you to help her get stuff together for the new apartment.

Jen said...

OOH that is exciting!!!

That doesn't sound TOO bad for the Garmin for what I have heard! Plus buying fitness related stuff is always worth it in the long run!!

Anonymous said...

i am so excited for you. it did turn into a really long time of her being there holy. i can't believe that was in august that she moved in. cute bathing suit. i would return it for a different size if you aren't comfortable. can you return it to a store?

Fatinah said...

i have that garmin - it's the bomb!