Friday, May 23, 2008

phew it's friday

Well thank goodness it was a short work week. I am sick of work. When can I have babies and sit at home all day?

So what do I need to catch you up on. There was no post yesterday due to a work seminar thing (all about grammar and proofreading, which I care nothing about as evidenced in my blog, though actually I'm quite good at this when I do care).

So wed. night I did my bike ride and run combo. It was tres windy so the bike ride was nice and hard (I don't know how to simulate how hard the ride was during the race, I literally don't know how I pushed my legs that much! the wind was close!) I did about 7 or 8 kms. Then came home and picked up my dog. We then went on a 4ish km run to watch hubby and SIL play slow pitch. The run was hard at first, but about half way through it I felt fine, not like I had biked at all. So I think the reason the run was hard at my other mini tri was because the total length of the run was how much time I need to get over the bonk or something.

Anyway, Daisy and I were sitting on the bench watching the team in the field. She wanted this nasty mouth guard thing that was on the ground so I kicked it outside the chainlink fence. So she sort of goes to dig for it under the fence. and then starts SCREAMING! just high pitched yipping and yelling and barking like she was being tortured! Just about the whole in field comes to try and help, even guys were leaping over the fence on other diamonds to see what they could do. Turns out she got her claw caught under the chainlink on one of the pokey ends. When she pulled her paw back, it just pushed the fence down into the ground pinning her paw. So I tried to help her get it out, but she kept biting my hands (HARD!) because she was so freaked out and scared. Eventually we got it out, felt like 10 minutes but was probably just 1 if that. She was instantly fine, no limp or anything. She sat quietly next to me for the rest of the game though. But my hands were killing me! She was biting so hard I had an instantaneous bruise on my fingers and some small little puncture marks on my fingers. She was basically biting on my knuckes, so there was no blood, but she nearly broke bones, and all my joints felt like they were sprained. She sort of messed up my wedding ring too. Moved one of the claws that holds the diamond, plus chipped up the gold a little bit. I'm gonna check out how much it costs to fix.

Anyway, yesterday I DID go for my swim. YAY! I did the race distance and it was still a piece of cake so that's good. Had to adjust the goggles once but that's no big deal. I also tried what I think I'll do race day for breakfast and post swim food and seemed to work alright. Of course I ate more breakfast (protein shake) on the way to the seminar afterwards. Then last night I did my TT workout and the actual intervals I'm supposed to do. (1 and 1s, pretty tough, but done quickly). Yesterday was a great workout day. And then I stayed up watching grey's and shoving my face. Well not exactly. I hate pork tenderloin for supper. nice and healthy recipe with double veggies, half the rice. But for snack during grey's (completely planned, every week, not a craving and temptation thing.) I made a bag of smart pop and ate the whole thing. Plus ate probably 15 dino sours. With my diet coke. It used to be that just the diet coke felt like a treat enough that I wouldn't have the food. At least all my shows are over for the summer so I can get out of that habit. (anybody know if LOST is really over for the summer? season finale seemed weird).

Today I've got leftover carrots and pork tenderloin for lunch. Supper will likely be burgers or hotdogs at hubby's work, (they're having a grand opening). Tonight should be low key, hubby has to work saturday. My saturday I'm quite excited for. The Saskatchewan Marathon is on Sunday, (which I'm not in or anything) but there are booths and stuff set up saturday which I want to check out. Plus I was invited bridesmaid dress shopping with my SILs (which was very nice I thought, since i'm not in the wedding party, but they wanted my opinion anyway, well MIL and bridesmaid SILs did, the bride SIL didn't ask me to be there but whatever). I may or may not come, depending on the race festivites. Also a birthday party kegger for a friend of mine starting at noon. I might just say hi if I'm nearby anyway. Sat. night SIL and BIL are staying over with their kids. Not sure what that will mean. Hopefully we can just rent a movie or something. I'm so awkward at entertaining them. (this is the BIL who makes inappropriate comments and gave me birthday money to buy something naughty and then was asking me about it, remember?)

Don't really have a lot to do at work today, so I might try and skip out early. Might also take a long lunch and go to see my neice. I did bring my leftovers, but I was thinking SIL might like it if I brought subs over for lunch and visited her with the baby over noon. She still hasn't seen the specialist about her c-section so she still can't lift anything but the baby. Can't drive, can't even lift the baby's car seat. It's been 5 weeks and it's 2 more until she sees her doc. I wouldn't be able to handle it. This is after 7 weeks of bed rest. I get fat just thinking about it. (hmm, that's sorta mean sounding, but seriously, that's gonna be like 3 and a half months of doing nothing but sitting!)

Anyway, I'm gonna give her a call soon and see if she feels up for lunch. It will at least break my day up!

Hope you all have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

omg poor daisy and poor wedding ring. i hope it isn't too much to fix.

Jen said...

Aw, sorry to hear about Daisy and the ring!!! Poor girl! And I agree, hope it isn't much to fix the ring!

If LOST was 2 hours then it was the season finale...I am not all caught up so I close my eyes and ears during the ads and didn't catch WHEN the finale was...only that it was 2 hours...

CaRoLyN said...

Poor Daisy! That is so sad. I hate it when animals are hurt, they always look so helpless. And your poor hand! Ouch! We came home from work yesterday and I saw a feather stuck to our huge picture window at the front of the house, I didn't think anything of it until I saw a dead bird on the ground underneath our window. I honestly felt sick to my stomach. That story wasn't really relevant but oh well.

You are going to do SO good at your tri! Can't wait to hear all about it and take lots of pics too!

Sounds like a fun weekend, hope you have a great one!

SeaBreeze said...

I am actually really excited that Grey's is over for the summer. My room mate was bummed out, but it means I can do more with my Thursday nights and not feel as compelled to sit on my butt in front of the TV. I don't even do anything on the commercial breaks for fear of missing something when it comes back. :D

Angie All The Way said...

Poor little Daisy!! It's amazing how they can just bounce right back after what seems like a catastrophic thing like nothing happened.

It sounds like you're getting pretty darn rit there girl WTG :-)

The episode I watched last week said it was part 1 of 2 of the finale, but this week was a repeat..what gives!

Marissa said...

Poor daisy! How fantastic though that she wasn't hurt badly.

Genevieve said...

Huh? Lost was already on?? I thought that it wasn't supposed to be until next week and there would be a 2 hour season when hubby and I scanned the channel listings last night it only said the two hour season finale of Grey's and never listed Lost I am super confused!!

Anyways, to more important matters - I am so glad that Daisy wasn't dog got his leg caught in the track of a snowmobile last year (was with hubby at work in the bush in winter) and had to have 5 stiches on a nasty puncture wound and it did take about 10 mins to free the leg from the track with the dog howling and crying and screaming...felt horrible for hubby that he had to endure that trauma; felt bad for our dog that he had to deal with that pain...but 2 weeks later he was good as new running around the yard.

I too wouldn't be able to handle sitting still as long as your SIL after C-section delivery - personally I would hate every minute of that - hope she's feeling well though!

Have a good weekend!