Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I'm feeling fat

I'm wearing my tight jeans, the ones that I never could fit into, but then about a month ago I tried on and they fit. Well today they don't seem to be fitting very well. I'm feeling very rolly and chubby. Boo. Yet I feel like eating. extra boo. I'm trying to distract myself with water. I'm gonna eat and apple for a snack in about an hour (with cheese). Then instead of fast food tonight (I really have NO time for anything else) I'm gonna just have a protein shake for supper before Phantom. I think it should be enough. I'll have my trusty almonds in my purse if I need them.

I feel better after spelling that out. But these pants are going to the back of the closet again.


MizFit said...

Hi friend,

Im gonna shove back down the comment of fatisntafeeling as, when I yank out my fave denim and that sh** is too tight, I DO NOT wanna hear that lecture.

so lemmie just say I feel ya.



Kate said...

Eh! I hate fat days!

SeaBreeze said...

You could put them at the back of your closet OR you could put them at the front of you closet for motivation. Just a thought.

Dawn said...

Still exciting even though the jeans are a little snug. Remember a month ago you couldn't even wear them, right? Probably just one of those days, we all have them. Good job on avoiding the fast food and sticking to the prot. shake.

MizFit said...

do we (the royal) love the jeans?

mightcould it be time to give em away?

just asking from experience :)


(oops just saw that Im totally in opposition to most commenters :) guess that's how the M rolls)

Tammy said...

No matter how thin you get, you will have fat days :( I have a feeling those jeans will be coming back out of the closet very soon. You seem very dedicated and on track for the most part :) Keep up the great work!

ashley said...

Ugh, I hate days like that!

When I have them, I find calling a good friend helps (laugh, etc.). Geel better :)