Monday, May 5, 2008

1 week down.

We are now in week 2 of the summer kick ass challenge. Marks for week 1: I give myself a B+. I believe I ended up having 4 cheats, not just 3. Also, not so sure if I got all my fruit and veggies in, but I did try. And I only really had the revelation about calories mid week. I think that week 2 is shaping up to be awesome though.

Recap of the weekend? yes.

friday night we had that supper for hubby's ball. Food was alright. I did load up my plate completely with veggies. Only small amount of potatoes and meat. Score. NO DESSERT! AMAZING!!! I said I wasn't gonna have any and I didn't. go me. Only thing is, it was angel food cake with strawberries. Probably the healthiest dessert in the world. Oh well. Still didn't have any.

Then we drove home. I made myself a protein shake for the drive home, though I guess I really didn't need it. I only drank about half.

Saturday hubby was shingling, so I was at my parents with my dog. It was nice. Went out to the farm (which we recently sold) let the dog go nuts. Then had lunch at the golf course (soup and a turkey wrap). Then dad volunteered at the golf course for a little while and I went for a run with Daisy. We did a super fast country mile (not a mile at all, but just a square on the gravel roads, approximately 2 miles we think.) I really pushed the speed since I had a deadline. We were going golfing at 2:00. So after about a 20 minute run, I went for a 2.5 hour walk on the golf course. Hitting some balls. yay! I love golf! Plus lots of exercise!

Hubby came and picked me up and we went to the wildlife supper then. Here's cheat bigone. I did load up half my plate with veggies so that's good. But then I also tried some of most dishes brough (think wildmeat and game and fish alright?) It probably wasn't as bad as I think because a) wildmeat is quite lean. and b) I loaded my plate really full, but then left a whole lot on the plate. I didn't really like everything so I'd just have a small taste and leave it. The bad cheat comes with dessert. I had a carrot cake and an angelfood cake, and about a dozen mini cookies (bought ones too, not even that good.) About the size of a loonie each but thicker obviously. I only drank diet coke.

The wildlife auction was alright. they never have anything for women really, some ugly arty stuff, some size large shirts, expensive shampoo. Hubby managed to spend over $100. Including buying one of the gag items, (this ugly stretched badger pelt or something that whoever wins writes their name on it and donates it back the next year).

I was pretty tired saturday night but we stayed to clean up anyway and drive his dad home (who was one of the organizers and stayed to the end). That meant I did not go over to my SILs afterwards for guitar hero (they live in the same yard as FIL). Just to bed.

Then sunday morning, woke up and took my dog and SILs dog for a run. We're guessing 5 miles based on that country mile thing again. I wasn't even tired. I LOVE IT! I was starting to get a blister on the back on my heel from the shoes I wore on saturday and it was getting irritated during my run. But not so bad. Then church and an after church brunch, I had 2 pancakes with light syrup and a billion pieces of fruit (melons etc). When we got home though, I ate about 8 candies and chocolates. Couldn't keep me away for some reason.

Then we went to visit hubby's grandparents who just moved into a home. And I took a billion pictures while hubby played pool with his dad and his dad's dad (now 95?). It was nice. But then we went out for supper with the whole family (all the SILs and their hubby's and kids) I had a chef salad with raspberry vinegrette. So total points for me there. Everyone else was having ribs and stuff. I did steal a couple fries from hubby. But like 4. not a serving.

Final cheat was afterwards when we stopped at DQ and I got a small hot fudge sundae. Very odd for me since I don't even like ice cream much. Not sure why that tempted me this time. Blame TOM I guess. But I'm back on track now!!!

Today was granola breakfast (less than 1 cup). 1 cup yogurt for snack (sugar free kind). Then spinach, and tuna salad with light lemon tarragon dressing. And an apple. Soon to be carrots, another apple? orange, and cheese string. Supper i'm on my own sorta, figuring pita pizza, since hubby and SIL have ball tonight. I'm also gonna do a few things then jog down with Daisy and watch.

Tomorrow I've gotta get up early and take my car in so no early swimming. And then we're going to Phantom of the Opera tomorrow night. So no workout. I'll do TT and a run tonight. Wed will have to be TT and a bike (another ball game for hubby), thursday will hopefully be the swim, a bike and a run again? Then friday just a little run because I've got my first tri on saturday. I may adjust workouts this week a little bit. I really only want to get on my bike a few times and 1 more swim in, I know I'm fine with the running. But that's my favorite too. I just found out that we cant' touch the bottom at all or you get a DQ (though it's just a fun one so it doesn't matter, they'll let you continue). So I want to practice my turns and make sure I'm ok. I've never really thought about it before so I want to make sure it's not an issue. Plus I have only been on my bike once this year and that's ridiculous. The gears don't even all work right yet. Maybe I'll bike tonight instead of run, but it's easier to watch ball after a run with the dog. hmmm, we'll see, maybe both? I only want to do that and vaccuum my car tonight.

Ok, somebody is coming to invade my office soon so I'll wrap it up here. Time for real work. Oh, and I'm super behind in my reading and commenting (210 posts in my reader and counting...) so I appologize, I'll catch up I promise!


Kate said...

Sounds like a good and action packed weekend. And I think you did great, only going over your planned cheats by 1, even with all that temptation, you go girl!

Jennifer said...

OH MY GOD! I LOVE THE PHANTOM! You're going to have such an AWESOME time! It's the best play ever! :)

MizFit said...

I love your posts as Im a detail-woman and I echo kate on the fact that you did GREAT with all that *temptation* around!

you golf? my husband would love for me to golf....


Sagan Morrow said...

I love Phantom of the Opera and angelfood cake. And I'm with Kate and MizFit- you're doing so good with all of that great food around!