Friday, May 9, 2008

tiniest race ever tomorrow

I was reading all these race reports of ironmans and half marathons getting so psyched up. and tomorrow I will be swimming 200 m, biking 5k, and running 2k (which they so sweetly call a run/walk). I'm figuring will take 5, 15 and 10 minutes. So I guess my goal (for this untimed event) will be less than half an hour. I know I can make up at least that much time on the run, just unsure about the transitions. I'm not going to rush them though, since this is like my dress rehearsal for my real tri in a month, I'm just going to practice them. particularly the swim to bike. In my entire time since I had the idea of tri-ing, I've been nervous only about this one thing. SOOO weird. But I'm totally prepped and allow me to bore you with the details:

my new swimsuit has not arrived yet. Maybe today, but that's too convenient. So I'll wear my old one piece with no support (it's a squasher). Dry off as best as I can in the transition, then put on my top with a built in sports bra. Probably shorts, even though it's gonna be cold, it's quicker than dealing with my pants in the chain. Also gonna take the time to super dry my feet, put on my best blister preventing socks and shoes. I don't have a water bottle on my bike so but it's so short I can deal. I'll have a gulp of water at each transition. I'll wear my light coat for the bike, in which I will have put a handful of raisins. I get light headed after swims, and I read that raisins act exactly the same as those fuel gels that hard core athletes use on marathons and stuff. Again, it's super short so probably won't be an issue. The bike to run, I'm not worried about at all as I just did a practice last night and even though I did feel the bonk a little bit (what it's called when your legs are dead after a bike and you try and run) I've found that just pushing hard through it makes it go away fastest.

So that's the deal. i'm trying to make hubby come with me just so I can not be all alone. But he's grumbling because it's his day off and he'll have to get up and leave at like 7:00am.

Eating has been alright. I think I'm short a veggie yesterday but oh well. I also ate some popcorn last night during Lost (smartpop) that wasn't part of any plan, but at least it was just popcorn. Anyway, tonight there will be no workout. We're probably gonna go visit our niece and maybe do some landscape shopping. I told hubby that I've got to get to bed early so that's probably it for me. I have about 5 magazines that I haven't had a chance to read that are just calling my name too.


tash said...

Have fun tomorrow! I can't wait to hear all about it!

Genevieve said...

I too look forward to your report of what it's like in your 'tiniest race ever' - I have never raced, so you already have my admiration for sure!

Jen said...

That's exciting! It may be tiny but it sounds like it will be great practice!!!

Good luck! I hope your husband goes with you!

MizFit said...

have fun...I love how you called it your dress rehearsal.


Kate said...

I'm with MizFit! Sounds like a great "dress rehearsal"

Sagan Morrow said...

Have loads of fun and good luck! It sounds like a great race.

MizFit said...

Hope today was FUN!


ashley said...

I think popcorn counts as a veggie? =)

Good (late) luck!!