Monday, May 12, 2008

the rest of my weekend

So the rest of my weekend besides the race was actually quite busy so it deserves it's own post.

After the race saturday morning I treated myself to a Bostom Cream donut and an IcedCap from Timmy Ho's. Don't tell me anything about rewarding with food and blah blah, I don't do a tri every week, it's a perfectly valid reward. Then we shopped home depot for awhile, getting stuff for a gate for the dog run, so Daisy stops digging up the lawn. Then we went for Burger King and I had a whopper jr meal. I know I splurged with much more calories than I could have possibly burned off in my race but again, this is a twice a year thing or something. Shut up. When we got home it was hard at work on the yard. Digging up old sod out of the dog run, raking up poop, working the garden. I was sooo sore saturday night and it had nothing to do with my race. I eventually had a shower and started sewing the cutest baby dress thing EVAH! which i'll try and take a picture of. I'm so awesome. (SHOWER IS THIS WEEKEND! I AM SO NOT READY!)

Then Sunday we headed into the city again for more shopping because hubby need more stuff for the gate and I needed milk and sewing stuff to do what I needed to do. Unfortunately we ended up shopping for $500, I mean, 5 hours (though the $500 wasn't off!) and didn't really have time to do all that I wanted when we got home. My sister came over with her boyfriend and the guys worked on their pocket bikes and we planted my flower pots and hanging baskets. (which Daisy likes to eat! Again, we need this dog run done now!)

Then we put together the new tv stand we bought (easy to get to $500 this way). We had a hideous, 10 year old thing hubby bought in high school that's peeling and doors missing and stuff. And it was the last ugly thing in the living room. And since I'm hosting the shower this weekend we finally broke down and bought a new one. It was only $100 and matches the rest of the furniture really well, plus it small, just like a thing to sit on, not surrounding the tv and stuff which just looks cleaner. Anyway, then I finished sewing the baby dress. THEN I started making muffins for the shower, (cranberry lemon, yummy, not great health wise except for being homemade and having fruit). It's now 9:30 at night and i'm ready to put them in the tins and bake them. Hubby comes in from the garage and needs to go to the hospital for stitches. He sliced his hand with a utility knife.

I was trying not to be negative and doubting, but he could have probably gotten away without stitches, but I talked him out of it last time and it would just make him feel better. Plus it's free in Canada right? ;)

So I drive him into the city, and we go to a medi-clinic that he went to before for stitches. It was only open until 10:00 so we just made it. It's dumb that we don't know where the nearest minor-emergency place is, or the nearest hospital for that matter, but the time difference is like 10 minutes. Anyway, gotta figure that out.

So hubby goes in for stitches and I go in the room with him for support, and because it's sketchy sitting by yourself on the west side at a minor emergency place. anyway. The doc makes some jokes about passing out to hubby, saying how the women are always strong, it's the guys you have to worry about. We all laugh, and I nearly pass out. Seriously! I watched them clean out and give the numbing needle and he dug it all into his hand and pushed around and stuff, hubby gasped cause it hurt and blood was coming out more, I had to lean against the wall and breathe deep breaths. Then he had to drive himself home. How lame is that? Oh well, I guess you can't help it. I wasn't really grossed out and I was totally looking at his hand on the way in and was fine. I learned (well already knew I guess) that I'm really good in emergencies or under stress and stuff. I don't freak out, get everything done that needs to be done and keep everyone else calm. But then when it's over, I sorta go into shock. Like I was crying on the way home (with my seat reclined so I don't faint). couldn't tell you why, hubby was totally fine, 3 stitches and he was driving, not worth crying. But I was. Oh well.

Oh, I forgot to say something about my race in my race report. On the second lap of my race, I started writing my blog in my head, thinking what I'd have to say in my race report. haha!


Jennifer said...

OUCH! That totally sucks about hubby's stitches. I used to get really queasy (sp?) around anything having to do with blood and needles and stuff. Then I started donating blood (go figure! lol) and now I'm no longer afraid of needles. I actually kind of like them... weird. I sit in the chair all mellowed out and watching TV while there's a 2mm needle sticking out of my arm draining 600mL of blood in 7 minutes. I guess I just like blood and guts, like those Saw movies. Haha.

I totally don't see anything wrong with treating yourself to something once in a while. I've never had a Boston Creme donut, are they good? I saw a commercial on TV last night for a P-Zone from Pizza Hut. My brother works there and he came home once after work with one and ate it in front of me and it was so cruel because I wanted it soooo bad. Haha.

Your race report below was awesome!

Sagan Morrow said...

Aw thats too bad about the stitches.

Also I have such a love affair with Tim Hortons (where else can you buy a bagel for $1?!). Their boston cream donut? My all-time favourite!