Friday, May 23, 2008

OOOHH how bored can you get?

Woah is me! I am so bored! Boo! Nothing really to do at work. Well I have to make a PO for this stuff I've never done before and there's no example to copy or anything. And whenever something is hard I like to quit. ;)
Besides it would only take me like 5 minutes anyway. I should just get it done and then I can leave early and not feel bad.
I went to SILs for lunch. Grabbed a pita and bought her chinese food. I've taken to getting no cheese on my subs and pitas. I always get chicken or something so I've got protein. But I just don't need the fat in full fat cheese. Plus I don't even miss it. Anyway visited her, held Sammy, but didn't eat for the full hour. haha. Neither did she. I was gonna be all awesome and either just hold the baby while she ate, or load the dishwasher and vaccuum or something. But nope, we just sat and visited and I help her baby while she slept. Oh well. Sometimes we talk good (grammar school's really kicking in huh?) but other times it's awkward and we have nothing to say. I disagree with her about a lot of things and she drives me crazy about lots of stuff. But probably the least out of all of her family and we can talk about the rest of them and she's cool with it and agrees with me mostly.
Any running/triathlon experts wanna share their thoughts on training the week before a race? I've got a sprint tri next weekend (june 1st) and a 10k june 8th. Both aren't crazy distances so I don't think I need to taper and all that stuff. But should I do a long run this weekend (9k?). Should I do my regular training during the week? I think the only thing I'm gonna change is not do strength training thurs, fri or sat. Don't wanna be sore accidentally.

Hey, just found these pictures from my tri the other weekend on the web. Look at those manly legs out of the shorts. Very strong at least right? I look fast-ish huh? I think next time I'm gonna have to wave, I look dumb.

This is the picture that the other lady was in so they made me run the finish again. They must scrapbook too.

How'd you like the navy black combo? I think I'm gonna have to wear my red short shorts for my next one, might look better in pictures, plus I'd at least be easier to find in all the other dark clothed racers.


tash said...

You look super fast in the pics!

Jenn said...

Way to go with skipping out on the cheese. I need to start doing that - cheese really doesn't add much except fat anyway.

Sometimes things get akward with my SIL too. Not sure why. We have tons in common, but sometimes the words run out.

You look fantastic in the pics!! I think the red shorts would look great too.