Thursday, May 15, 2008

hair cut

So I think I'm gonna get a hair cut before this weekend. Since I started this blog over a year ago, I've probably got only 3 hair cuts. I hate spending that much money. Plus I've decided that this is the last summer that I'm gonna have long hair so I don't want to chop it off yet. (though I sort of want to, but I'm never gonna grow it like this again so I want to get all I can out of it!)

Anyway, I'm getting quite sick of having no style to my hair. Right now it's either ponytails or headbands. And the ends are just blah. Anyway, I was on facebook and a friend of a friend (I go on to spy you know) has hair that I like. Keeping in mind that my hair is sort of dark blond and reddish and I'm not really wanting to get highlights or color it. Anyway, I like the longer, blonder girl's hair:

Basically it's the same as my hair now, only some short short layers. (I've got the bangs and the length and it can be girly or straight). What do you think? Would it be completely weird if I brought in a picture of this girl I don't know to the hair dresser? Know any celebrities who have hair similar to this? Where do you find hair cut ideas?


tash said...

Looks like an Ashley Simpson-like hair cut. Google images of her and see . . . (I might be way off!). When I was picturing you in the brown dress from the fashion show, I pictured you hair the same as in pic 2 of the girl - lose curls on the ends.

Jen said...

that is gorgeous hair! I agree, it's similar to Ashley Simpsons hair, just a bit more voluminous...

Looks like you could do a lot of fun things with it!!

m said...

just checking in on you.

as we hath previously established I should NEVER GIVE HAIR ADVICE (please to see my head :))


Cara said...

oo i like it!!

Anonymous said...

haha. are those girls always together? that is like my hair. just ask for long layers. just tell the hair dresser to keep it long but give it some texture and a style. they will know what to do. i personally like the shorter haired girls hair. it suits her.

Sagan Morrow said...

I was thinking that it looks like Ashlee Simpson's haircut too! Loose curls are so nice.

No worries, its not weird to bring in a random photo to the hair stylist! Might as well and that way they can see exactly what you want.

Angie All The Way said...

Yup, I like that cut. After my wedding, I'm going to get some fun haircuts, gradually getting short again. I'm too scared to screw it up now before the wedding, I've been growing it for two years!

(you creeper) j/k :-P

MizFit said...

did you get a new head? :)


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