Tuesday, May 27, 2008


So I just realized that 26 days from now is just about the time of the first big deal thing that I wanna be skinny for this summer. (well aside from the shower a few weekends ago, and my triathlon this weekend I wanted to be skinny for) It's the annual event where I see all these people I grew up with and feel this nasty competative thing and basically always freak about how I'm gonna look. I'm so shallow. I'm talking about Hogfest. (the slowpitch drunk fest in hubby's home town, which is 4 minutes from my home town). And there's no reason whatsoever that I can't lose like 5 lbs by then. It's like 1 lb a week. That's so doable when you're in weight loss mode. Even more is totally doable too! Sweet, a little extra motivation for the next month! Time to start looking at calories again. make sure we're in deficit!


MizFit said...


love it

far better than, say, TRYable.



Anonymous said...

you can so do it girl.

Jenn said...