Wednesday, May 28, 2008

on a more positive note

and more selfish (though I guess that last one could be considered selfish too huh?)

I scaled today and it said 136.8. That 6 is a gooooood number! My new "be extraordinary" plan is already paying off and we're only into day 3!

yesterdays food was pretty good. I ate off a small plate at supper which helped I think. I had the smallest steak I cooked, a scoop of grilled veggies and a scoop of potatoes. I had a small bowl of salad and a one crescent roll (which was the bad thing, but it's 100 calories and it's over). I had a huge plate of watermelon as dessert. I was sort of feeling munchy all evening so I had another crystal light. My saviour lately.

As I said before I did no exercise yesterday. I think that's ok. Tonight I'm doing a TT and intervals with my new Garmin which should be awesome.

Today the fam has ball so supper is just leftovers. I think I'll have roast beef leftovers. Breakfast was 2 peanut butter toasts with a spot of honey. Snack (am) was bunch of grapes and a couple spoonfuls of yogurt for the protein, but not all of it because I'm not that hungry (yet) might have it in an hour. Lunch is a salad with tuna and leftover grilled veggies. I've got full fat greek dressing, so about 90 calories worth, I'll try and use only half and then add more to taste. Also have watermelon, strawberries, an apple and some lean ham slices for the rest of the day.

I'm seriously gonna eat a whole watermelon all by myself in 6 days!

But once again, set up to be perfect!

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Sagan Morrow said...

Love your enthusiasm. I totally ate a cantaloupe all to myself over the past couple days, yummy! Can't wait to have some watermelon.