Friday, July 20, 2007


Ok so I normally post at noon or afternoon and it's only 9:16 here now (since we are talking time lately). But i'm a little excited about stuff and wanted to share. Plus I have a killer load of work to do later on.
So I weighed myself today. I'm gonna take Katieo's advice and try friday weigh ins. I don't know if it will make a difference (and frankly I'm sure I'm going to weigh myself monday as well). But I don't know what number to report to you. Did you know that even just boxers and a stretched out tank top weigh 1.2 lbs? or that being wet from a shower adds 1 lb? I weighed myself 3 times this morning and they were all different. But the good news? They were all a loss! Just different variations of a loss. Should we go with the biggest one but be more forgiving next week if it doesn't change? Or should we go with the first one which is the heaviest? We're going with the lightest come on who are we kidding? 144.4! Yippee! So what's that? a 1.6 lb loss in 4 days? Sa-weet. And what else does that mean? Surpassed first mini-goal! I jumped right over those 145s (like it's a whole decade of lbs instead of just 1). So if I don't pack it on again by next weekend I'm going to a movie! Now I haven't seen a movie since Spiderman 3 and before that was probably Spiderman 2! So tell me folks with lives greater than mine - what should we see?
I did my weights last night. I loved it. I thought I'd complain about lunges but I'm going to complain about back flies. They are hard! I can only use a 10 lb and even then my form suffers. I am rocking the pushups though! Even with puppy kisses and ponytail chewing! Tigerlilly - how'd you do?
I'm pretty proud of myself too (2 days in a row!). My SIL and her bf came over for a visit so instead of writing it off I did it as soon as she called since I knew I had 1/2 an hour while I waited for them drive out. I was all nasty and sweaty when they got here but also felt pretty darn good! This morning I was going to do my HIIT before work but I forgot hubby had to go to work 1/2 hr early so I had the dog all morning. Also, it was raining out. So I have to do it tonight. Should be fine. But I was going to get it out of the way incase we actually try and have a life on a friday night (But I think we're just going to start up our sex life again - that's a whole 'nother story, and probably more than you wanted to know!)
So I hope every else is doing amazing like I am! hehe. Now wish me luck pushing it through the weekend!


Candace said...

Hey Randi, If you check your posts this afternoon I'm responding. Had a minute in the middle of counting cans of bloody paint (trying to get some inventory under control) and wanted to pop by and wish you a most sweaty weekend. Have a great one chick.
PS In WW, the dominant position is worth 6 AP points for half hour for us chickies, but lets face it - what guy allows that for half hour. (hehe)

Candace said...

Forgot to congratulate you on the mini-goal. You're doing awesome!

Colette said...

Wow I am glad Candace said that...wooohooo I am gonna earn 6 AP points tonight too..LOL
Randi your doing great and your making me want to lift now!! Dang your you rock. Hope your weekend is great. Love ya blog girl!!

Swizzlepop said...

WOOHOO on the loss, that's great! Don't you love when you just breeze by a mini goal and are instantly onto the next. It makes it seem so easy.
I too weigh multiple times on occasion and hate the scale when it moves in the wrong direction. Mental note on Candace's 6 AP comment ;)
Have a great weekend!

Lindsay said...

woohoo CONGRATS on the mini goal, that is awesome! I think friday weigh ins would be awesome... i usually do thurs nights, because i find i use the majority of points on sat&sun and by the time thurs comes around i am all evened out again.. lol.. at least that is what i think :P

Kitty said...

congrats on mini goal

Randi said...

So you're saying that 5 minutes is 1 point? Let's be realistic here!

Shannon said...

Good job on your mini goal girlie. Cute new pic too. Glad you are having a great day. :)