Tuesday, July 24, 2007

It's the final countdown

Do dada doo dooooo, do do dum dum dum. (you know that song, it plays every time Gob is gonna do magic on Arrested Development). Final countdown to all the things I wanted to be skinny for. Wedding this weekend, then big ball tourney on the long weekend. Then 2 more weddings back to back. All the kinds of things where either a bathing suit or a dress may be involved (or both?). And I was just shopping at noon today (my earphones broke, and we all know from Crabby that music is key to working out, and listening to podcasts at work). And I tried on a few bathing suits, I'm not quite bikini ready so I thought I'd snag a cute tankini or 1 piece meanwhile. But you know what? If you are not bikini ready, frankly you are not bathing suit ready. The things are the least flattering piece of torture ever. Whenever I'm feeling a little chunky or something I'll wear a low cut shirt cause my boobs usually look good (and they distract from the rest right?) but that doesn't work in bathing suits because they totally flatten them out. Is is so hard to put a little support in these god damn things!!!
I'm a little disappointed lately. My every time I see it weigh ins have been going up. I'm not sure who talked about this before but I swear humidity does this right? Granted I've been sorta bad on the eating front. I told you about the weekend, well yesterday was grilled cheese for supper (just 1, can't be too bad) but it was so darn hot and I had to clean out the freezer anyway, I ate a piece of frozen cheesecake. It was really good but probably 650 calories. That's a whole 'nother meal! Oops. I really need to get some groceries. Haven't really bought any since that major fruit and veggie excapade a month ago. Hopefully getting $100 worth of fresh fruit and veggies will help keep me out of the freezer. Plus I gotta get fresh stuff, i'm trying to do this challenge of Tigerlilly's.
So in order to have a successful blast off - does that even make sense? i'm trying to hard with this countdown thing. To get my skinny self looking good at these events I'm gonna have to stay on plan hard core. And what's gonna help me that's helped before? Weekly goals!
1. Stick to that workout plan I set up. Add at least 1 video workout somewhere in there. (I bought this 5 pack of exercise DVD's a few weeks ago and have only done 1 workout so far. It's got yoga, pilates, aerobics, strength and something else.)
2. Eat FRESH! (this is also good for the environment for all you hippies!) ;) Limit packaged foods to tuna (sorry Tigerlilly, I gotta have it!) This includes NO FAST FOOD!!
3. Cut back portions. Eat. Wait 10 minutes, then get more. I fill my plate, then eat my whole plate in 3.4 seconds, then realize I wasn't hungry to begin with. Smarten up!
I realize I'm gonna have to put up a few weekend game strategies as well. This weekend's wedding should be fine. But the camping ball tourney next week might be tough. We're all just pitching in for food. I hate doing that because I feel that people get stuff I dont' want and rip me off and I end up bringing my own little snacks that they probably forgot anyway. And then I make sure to eat "my fair share" since I'm paying for it. (fat girl thinking). It's going to be extra hard when I'm "on a diet" this year. I'll have to volunteer to help with the shopping. Again I'll be limiting my drinking if not cutting it out completely. Rum and diets until everyone's drunk enough they don't notice I'm sober. That's so bad.
Ok so anybody have any advice for last minute extra healthy more workouts drop pounds for the weekend? Or does anybody have any tips for good posture and remembering to suck your gut in and flattering poses for pictures? Dressing to look slimmer? Doesn't that sound like a Cosmo magazine cover?


katieo said...

"We're all just pitching in for food. I hate doing that because I feel that people get stuff I dont' want and rip me off and I end up bringing my own little snacks that they probably forgot anyway. And then I make sure to eat "my fair share" since I'm paying for it."

SO been there.

And as far as the bathing suit goes. I got two words for ya: stretch marks. Ahh pregnancy. Even if I were a size 4 with gargantuous boobs and washboard stomach I wouldn't wear a bikini. Really. Personal preference and stretch marks and I don't know, it's my stomach. I'm not thrilled about people seeing it even if it looks amazing. Although I'm with you on the support. (Is it really THAT hard to make a suit that can hold the girls and in? )

Tigerlilly said...

Drink LOTS of water during the week... that way you can be sure to lose all that water weight you might be carrying. Helps with the pooch!

As for the bathing suits...cant help ya there. I usually make a run for the pool the second I take my shirt off... that way no one sees anything but a blurr!! LOL

Cant wait to see how the challenge ends!

Candace said...

Good luck on the challenge. I know it's too intense for me (right now ;-)

Bathing suits: Hmmm, I got one with good support at WallyMart last year. Actually, it hauls them up to where they were BEFORE 2 rounds of nursing (not pretty). Hubby LOVES the effect.