Monday, July 30, 2007

Well that's over...

Yeah it's over in a good and bad way. It was really fun and I love weekends and now it's Monday, so boo it's over. But damn that was a rough splurgey weekend so thank god that's over.
Eating on weekend road trips. what can I say. Friday we went into town to go minigolfing. Had some fast food on the way in, a burger no bacon. then mini golfed. then went for ice cream. I don't like ice cream so I had my fries then. then saturday finished cleaning the house for SIL moving in. Hit the road, went shopping first. Hubby had fast food but I never (well a couple bites). Then we were off. Listened to the awesome Rider game on the ride while hubby slept. Got in went to the wedding (hot!), teared up. Didn't have time to eat before so I just had a couple granola bars (before and after church). thought I was being smart. But then found out there was all sorts of food at the reception (not supper but midnight lunch all night). So I also pigged out on fruit. Had a couple pieces of cake. Then a plate of salads and a bun. Hmmm...I guess it wasn't as bad as I thought. It felt like I completely pigged out on terrible stuff. But 1 square and 1/2 piece of wedding cake isn't so bad. the rest was healthy. Had about 2 drinks. Didn't dance much so no bonus. That's another story. I've got this group of friends from university. I get along super good with B (the bride) all the time, A without her husband, and T without A (got that?). Plus hubby really doesn't like A's husband (he's sort of a really straight laced, intellectual, superior type guy. Let's put it this way, he's in a jazz band...) And my hubby has no post secondary ed so he sorta feels out of place already around my university friends. My girls alone are awesome. But with the guys I just can't really be myself and none of us act like we do alone. So it was weird. And the bride of course was busy so I couldn't just visit her all night. So you know when they play I'm Too Sexy and all the girls strip the groom (maybe that's just around here though...) well the other girls wouldn't get up with me to do it so I just watched. They did it at my wedding to my hubby! but A's hubby didn't want that to happen at his wedding, so now everybody's against it. Honestly I haven't been to a wedding that I loved since mine 3 years ago! (I guess that's a high standard though)
Anyway, went back to our sleazy hotel (I booked late) slept. In the AM had another granola bar. Hit the road to the lake where they were having another reception brunch. Pigged out on pancakes, and eggs and cake there. That's for sure. Went home and didn't want to turn the oven on so ordered chinese. I only had 1 plate full and didn't bring leftovers today so hopefully hubby and SIL can finish that off. I guess it wasn't sooo bad. But I wasn't eating fruit like I usually do, and pretty much nothing but carbs so it felt bad. Then the scale was completely cruel this AM. But went for a run with Daisy, and when I got back it was better. I guess that goes to show you that you can't put too much weight (haha) into those numbers! If you're leaning forward too much or something it goes up! So tonight I'm hoping to do a video, it's way too hot to go outside. I just bought a window air conditioner at noon so that might help inside. Elk burgers for supper.
I'm totally doing crap on this challenge. I think my fast food weekend has already disqualified me. Not to mention what it's done to the scale. But I'm not going to throw in the towel. I'm going to do a new exercise tonight, and I've been back on eating fresh all day. Completely going nuts on the water too. I'm working on my 4th litre and it's only 2:30. Making up for the weekend I guess. (I'm honestly that thirsty, I'm not forcing it down or anything!)
So I went to Costco last week and bought myself a new fake lululemon outfit. Well pants and coat. That's going to be my reward in place of the movie I think. Nothign I wanna see anyway. Plus this way when I go to buy my real lululemon I'll probably only need a shirt which is good since it's so expensive. I just wish I could move a little closer to that next minigoal instead of stalling at this one. I feel like the key is exercise but I'm just having a hard time when it's soo hot. Maybe i'll have to find a gym to go to for a week or two. It would be fun to use a treadmill and other machines again. I can't wait for Sept when my class starts again!
Well I'll make some minigoals for this week as I've got a long weekend with potential for bathing suits:
1. workout before work EVERY DAY! It's cooler, plus I feel pretty cool being able to say I do that.
2. Step it up with weights. I just have been doing my circuit and am huffing so I think I'm tired. But I don't know if my muscles are tired. I'm going to slow it down a little bit, not as important to do 3 sets, but just make sure I feel the burn!
3. Limit all lunch snacks to fruit. One "meal" sorta thing and then fruit is all that I pack. I've got nuts here for emergency protein.
4. Suppers. Keep same size as lunches. Just because I grew up with a full plate with a meat a side and a veggie doesn't mean it's the right way to eat! If it goes in a bun you don't need potatoes! I think what I'm saying is cut out the sides. Eat the meat and the veggies. Just for this week that's all. Dessert is only fruit.


Shannon said...

Do you have pics from the wedding?

Randi said...

Yeah, I'll try and put some on tomorrow. They're still on the camera at home.

Kitty said...

You sound like you did pretty good food wise babes! Too bad the wedding wasn't that much fun. I'm always up for tearing clothes off a man, especially if there is an audience...

katieo said...

randi- Welcome back. Trips'll kill ya, but it sounds like you weathered it pretty well!

You're totally going to be successfu with this thing, it's all about hopping back in with both feet!