Thursday, July 19, 2007

So yesterday I started my plan. Luckily Tigerlilly said she'd do this with me or I probably would have skipped yesterday. Thank goodness I have somebody keeping me accountable. (ps - Tigerlilly, and everyone else, if I come up with some excuse as to why I didn't do my workout, no matter how valid it seems, kick me in the face.)
So why would I have skipped on the very first day of this very exciting plan? Because my parents were in town. Whenever they come to town they take us (kids) out for supper. Ever since university days (which my siblings are still enjoying). Well Taste of Saskatchewan is on this week. Which is this big thing in the park by the river where all sorts or restaurants come and sell 3 different dishes for tickets that buy at the entrance. So you can have a drink from this place, a salad from that place, a dessert from the other place. Each place only has 3 things they can sell so they just mass produce it and it's ready to go when you want it. Well by the time I found a parking spot down there and met my parents and then we negotiated the crowds and decided the best deal for your money (fat girl thinking...) it was already kinda late. By the way, I had a veggie samosa, diet coke, small boring iceberg salad (supposed to be ginger chicken or something but they basically took 1 slice of chicken, sliced it even thinner, and the dressing was the same stuff they put on chinese food. Not great, and 2 tickets/$4), bites of everyone elses food (pulled pork, blackened chicken pasta were the best), and half-ish of a deep fried mars bar. Oh that was soooo good. If you don't know, a deep fried mars bar is - wait I probably shouldn't tell you because then you'll all want to either make your own (save $4!) or find a place to get them. So DISCLAIMER: if you don't want to be tempted, skip to after this paragraph. Deep fried mars bar is a mars bar dipped in sort of a donut batter and then deep fried on a stick. Looks like a corn dog. IT IS SO GOOD! Doesn't really seem like it or look like it. But the chocolate bar all melts and the caramel mixes with the chocolate all inside donut...It's also probably a bagillion calories, all from fat. Oh well, I only get this once a year and I always share it with somebody.
But after all that, and my parents left, my siblings and I walked around by the river. It's really pretty down there. If I lived anywhere in the area I would jog there every day. Tons of people do and that's about the only downside. It looks like the middle of a marathon. Always people running around or biking or roller blading or skateboarding. Clutters it up. When we were finished walking I walked back to my car which was parked near a restaurant where my beautiful friend (from the earlier picture) works. So I went in and visited her and the air conditioning for awhile. When I finally got back to my town I had to get gas and then when I got home it was already 8:30 or something. Well all I had to do was a half hour run, and the heat was sort of gone, and the puppy wasn't even home so I really had no excuses left. Especially none that any of you would let me get away with right? ;) So I went. And it was great. I picked up the puppy from hubby's ball game and she came with me for half of it. And she really pushed me at the end which is nice that it wasn't the other way around. You feel bad running with somebody faster than you (even if it's a dog) but you do workout better. Anyway, did the regular loop, approximately half an hour. Still had time to putz around the house! Yay me!
I'm reading the Best Life Diet from that Oprah guy. It's pretty good. I think it's aimed at beginners to the eating healthy thing though. And I don't fit in any of the exercise levels (another stupid plan trying to make you do all this cardio before you do weights - which I would like to tell all of you is WRONG!) Since I don't do 6 days of cardio i'm not supposed to do weights. Whatever. And there's a 1 month thing where you don't change anything except stop eating 3 hours before bed (check) drink minimum 8 glasses of water (check) and eat 3 meals and at least one snack (check). Well I'm definately skipping that part. I already do that and most of stage 2 (cut out pop, alcohol, white pasta and bread etc). So I don't think that this plan is really gonna work for me. I should clarify - I'm not looking for a plan to join. I just like reading all this stuff and feeling good about myself. NO! I mean I like reading this stuff and incorporating the little tips and tricks into what I already do. So I guess I cherry pick the stuff I like and leave the stuff I don't which probably isn't good but at least is doable. If anybody's looking for a good plan that's actually pretty easy to follow they should check out 5-factor fitness (I guess that's what brought us Hallie Berry and the new and improved Jessica Simpson.) I did that one for almost 2 weeks straight with no problem. I just wanted to step up my exercise a little more and then forgot about it. I do still incorporate many of those little tips in my diet too (like 5 meals a day, sorta).
Anyway, tonight is weights. looking forward to my new routine. If else wants to try it out that'd be cool!
oh yeah-I added some blogs to my fav's on the side. I am especially in love with fitness fixation right now. she is so rockin' and dirty. I love it!


Kitty said...

Hi babes you sound so motivated and positive - just what I needed this morning. I'm sooooo getting what you mean about waiting for people to leave comments! I'm 20 hours ahead in Melbourne Oz, so it's 7.41am Friday and its 3.41pm Thursday (or possibly 4.41pm not sure about that - you near Winnipeg?) Aaaanyway, I love Jessica Simpson's new body, and so fast! I was thinking about getting that Factor 5 book.... I am over Bob Greene - he's been 'Oprahed'. I love her, but everything she is into gets over hyped and usually doesn't work! Good on you for going out and then doing the hard stuff after! AND thanks for putting my blog on your sidebar *grin*

katieo said...

Randi. Do you want to know why I like you so much?
(yes, besides the fact that you are hilarious?)
Your are weights fanatic. I LOVE finding that other people have realized HELLO! muscle burns fat!
GOod luck with weigh in.

(ps, I love seeing a familiar face, (name) over at Crabby's too)

dizzydazey said...

I'm proud of you that you went ahead and exercised, and you should be relieved - I really love to kick people. (It's horrible, I know, and I only kick my hub, but I really find it satisfying - maybe I should become a karate kid?)