Tuesday, July 17, 2007

snap out of it!

Well thank you ladies very much. I know I'm looking "ok". and I know I've made really good progress. I just got spoiled and expected it to continue as easy as it started and when it didn't I thought I needed a shake up. And for the weddings coming up, I know it doesn't really matter what I look like, it's not my day. And I'm sure to everyone else I look fine +/- 5 pounds. But we're all our own worst critic right? So I see a double chin, sorry, it's really there. And I just wanted it gone. I am SUPER pleased with my progress so far. Yesterday I was walking around the house with the curtains open wearing a sports bra! Really! It wasn't a fashion choice, just so hot. But as long I was standing there were no rolls, and 2 months ago there would have been. Thanks for the kick in the butt girls, I know I don't need to be turning anorexic or whatever for 2 weeks to look good for the wedding and I probably would have told any of you to smarten up too if you were taking crash diets like I was. So I'm sorry for my lapse into the skinny bitch side but I'm back. Back to smart eating and exercising. I'm going to make up my own plan, put it on the calendar and then stick to it. That way I'll at least be able to see what I've accomplished and hopefully have a measuring stick for my progress that's not the scale. I know muscle is heavier, I know! That's my favorite thing to tell all of you!
Oh yeah, and thank you people for reminding me peanut butter isn't the best choice. I try and get protein at every meal so that's how I validate it. But I eat way too much on my toast. Plus it's mostly a fat not a protein. I should have a yogurt or eggs for protein in the morning. But I don't know what to eat on my toast (can't be cereal every day, what if I'm out of milk or yogurt?) I like butter and jam but that's no good. Or cheese whiz, but again, not good. is there anything healthy to eat on toast?
I've got a big meeting in 1.5 hours. I'm pretty nervous about. I did the company research tax claim in January (why me? I'm not an accountant I'm an engineer, I knew nothing about it) and they're finally looking at it and coming to have a look at some of our records. Sort of like an audit. Super nervous. Plus it's my first meeting ever by myself since I started working. Can't play the I'm new here or ask the other people when I don't know. Eeek! But the guy seemed nice (he's from the Canadian IRS) and said if I didn't have everything he needed here then I could get it to him later. ok, but still. Eeek!
So I'm going to try and work out a plan to calm myself down. I'll post it later and let you know how my meeting was.


smurphy said...

i just happened across your blog and found it very inspiring! i've just gotten back on the ole' bandwagon myself and i'm looking for anything to motivate me! you might try fresh tomatoe and a slice of fat-free cheese melted on your toast. best of luck!

Candace said...

Hey Randi, Hope that meeting went well. Most of the CRA crew aren't so bad. I presume it is relation to a SRED claim. In my past life, we actually hired externals for this kind of thing, be it the external accountants or a specialist. Odd that they would have an inside engineer head it up.
You may mention next year that there are people that can do that sort of thing that will pick up on things (know the tricks) that can translate into big bucks for the company. The last guy we used charged 20% of the return - he didn't get paid until we got the cash. That way he had to see it through the audit stage. Anyhoo, good luck on that.

Shannon said...

good luck at your meeting :)

katieo said...

We went through an audit last year the the guy was super nice. Also, you look darling! Very cute! I know what you mean though, I've got pictures of me that I just look at and go, "is that what I look like?"

Kitty said...

Hi Randi! I have sliced tomato on toast with pepper and tiny bit of salt (fluid retention anyone?)... also I eat egg whites for breakfast, or maybe one whole egg with a couple of egg whites and scramble and have with toast. Hardly any fat, lots of protein there. Or an egg white omlette with mushrooms, spring onions, tomato, whatever you like to eat really... you don't have a double chin but I SO get the horror-photo thing. I do it all the time to myself. Other people think I look ok, I think I look like a beast.