Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Shield your eyes!

Ok I did it. Eek! This is a little bit better before picture than the last fully clothed one. That was actually a really flattering picture, gave you all the wrong idea. This is a little bit more honest. Oh and first of all, don't mind the hair, I just got out of the shower. Plus the pictures are crap since the screen is broken and I was home alone I had to use the timer and couldn't check them. But you get the idea. Ok now lets criticize:
I've got a lot more pear shaped body than I ever have before. This excess weight has all showed up lower belly and hips. But not hips like most girls get, top hips. I basically have no butt. Not a good thing. It just blends right into my legs. My shoulders look like crap but that might be because I'm doing awkward things with my arms. I didn't know what to do. I am sorta pleased with the skinny part of my waist. That's back again since I started blogging. Really I'm overall pleased. I'm starting to have a shape again and it just looks like a couple pounds of fat sitting on top. There were points when I didn't know if I even had a waist. Legs too, they've got some issues (besides being sooo short) but I actually feel like if I get to goal, I'll have a smokin' hot body! (so vain!) You might notice my somewhat barrel chested shape. Genetics. We're vikings. What I mean is that my profile shows a sorta flat belly (not a pregnant shaped one) but it's just thick. My mom often says that while most people prefer a profile shot, our bodies are made for head on. And you know how the model stance is to turn just a little with one foot in front. Not good for me.
So those are my before pictures posted, a) just for me. and b) for my challenge with Tigerlilly. So far so good on it as well. I'm gonna have no problem with the water, the 2 exercises (I walk the dog morning and evening plus my exercise), the kms (I probably run 10 km a week plus walking), coming up with my own recipe I think I can manage and there's my before pictures. So the ones that will be trouble are the 4 days of new exercise. I do have my videos that I'll try and do tonight and tomorrow. And the fresh food is usually not a problem but I'll have to be conscious of it. Bought a ton of fruits and veggies last night again (2 big bags of cherries!) I would like to express concern about the weekend and the wedding I'm going to. I am just gonna eat what's for supper. I'll try and eat healthily but I'm not bringing my own food. I'll also have to try extra hard with the water on the weekend. That's always tough.
A little victory last night. I helped my husband and our neighbour haul some free sod from the city to our house (so first of all lifted tons of heavy sod rolls). That took me from swallowing my last bite of supper to in the truck and doing that until 9:30. So I only had a small supper and then kept myself busy and then came home and got my weight workout in. Instead of crashing like I wanted to, I stuck to the schedule and now I've done a full week of my new workout plan. The tuesday weights order needs to be tweaked, my grip was useless for deadlifts. I also didn't know what weights to use for my shoulder presses. I can do it with both the 10's and 20's for 10 reps and feel a different kind of sore each time. I think the form on the 20lbs suffers so I think I'll stick to the 10lbs. Same thing with bicept curls, couldn't do a full 8 with the 20s. Maybe for tuesday I'll set the weights to 15. That should be alright for everything. Oh yeah, and I did ball squats (with the ball behind your back against a wall) with the weights. It kept my form a lot better with the ball, I could feel it a little more in the butt. But dude, that kills. :)


Lola said...

Kudo's for posting your undies pics!

You look good in the pics!

I'm finding the 4 days of different exercises a challenge PLUS that damn eating healthy thing :)

Enjoy the weeks challenge!

katieo said...

"We're vikings"LOL!

Um, for before-ish pictures, those are pretty awesome!

And I just have to say, those ball squat thingy's are AWESOME. I love them!! (because I hate them, know what I mean?)

Kitty said...

You look pretty damn hot to me chikie. I am starting to eye up the digital camera and my La Perla knick knocks....

Wanna_B_slim said...

Good luck in the challenge... and I must add you are too hard on yourself lady.... There are literally thousands of women out in blog land that would give thier husbands left testicle to look like you do... haha... well done on posting pics... and enjoy your challenge!

Randi said...

Thanks ladies. I didn't mean to be all insecure and begging for complements by putting that up (though I do like them ;) ). I just want to be able to have something to compare to. And while I don't look BAD, I'm not where I want to be either (geez ladies, I'm on the knife edge between healthy BMI and overweight, I'm not skinny yet!)
lola - good luck in the challenge! do you think doing nothing woudl count as a "different" exercise? hehe
kitty - do it! I think we should all get our undie pics up and then make some serious progress! (to escape the shame and embarrassment?)
katieo - ball squats and I are frienemies.
wanna - husband's left testicle, haha. hey congrats on the job!

Steph said...

Okay can I just say KISS MY BUTT!!! Geez - what are you talking about.......I would do freaking cartwheels if I looked like that in my undies......hell half the time I can't even seen them when I'm wearing them - LOL!! Way to go - seriously you should be proud!

Kitty said...

OK - I'm all fired up I'm going to do a porn picture and see how brutal it is...LORD GIVE ME STRENGTH. By the way, the Crack/Sugar thing is freakin' hilarious I had a girlfriend drop in for a coffee this morning and I road tested it. I asked her 'how many teaspoons of crack in that babes?'. She pissed herself laughing, like, she actually pissed herself as she just had a baby. Ha. Been there.

Tigerlilly said...

great job posting the pics... You look great to me, but then again, we all have our own image we want to achieve.

I dont think doing nothing was what I had in mind! LOL.. You'll figure something out.

OH... by the way.. I tried your cottage cheese drink thingy... AWSOME!!! I used blueberries... mmmmmmmm it was so good. Thanks! I think we can use that as your recipe!

Kitty said...

By the way - I totally got two blogs confused and now realise my 'crack/sugar' comment will mean nothing to you! Sorry Randi!

Candace said...

Ahh, to be young again and complain about such things. I will not post undie pics (you'd REALLY need to shield your eyes). After 2 babies (9, 3.5 and 9, 15) my belly will NEVER look like yours again. I call the stretch marks and pannus my war-wounds. Proud of them, but aint gonna show them off, LOL

Shannon said...

You look great girlie. Don't worry noone sees your "flaws", but I do know it's easier to be said then believed. :)

Colette said...

Randi, Sorry I was so busy last week and stressed out with the BACK TO SCHOOL thing with my kids that I missed this blog!

I just want to say I AM SOOOOO JEALOUS!! Gawd you look great!! I also think women who are shorter than average look better. I'm a giant at 5'9..LOL
Oh well I can always say I am SHORT for my WEIGHT!! hehe
Kudo's to you for posting those pics!! You are doing wonderful!! keep up the good work!!!