Tuesday, July 31, 2007

i'm so mean

I know other people think this and it's not just me. I LOVE it when I see somebody who used to be so popular or cool or too good for me or something gets fat, not like unhealthy, but I just love when they're bigger than me. Well I saw somebody from high school who I always felt that they felt so superiour. Well she is LARGE! I was secretly so happy when I saw that. I know that's bad and mean and everything but you do it too so don't act superiour!

So here are a couple pictures from the wedding. This first one is the briday and me, completely unflattering picture of me but it's probably more realistic than a flattering one. (you're telling me that there's not 2 chins there? get your eyes checked)

and here's me and all the girls, I picked the one where I look good and everyone else looks like junk. hehe. (left to right is A, the one who's husband is a prude (she's pregnant), the bride who is fun all of the time, and T who is fun without A)

And finally here's one of me and my hubby. Aww...

We never have pictures together! And we forgot at the wedding so I took this when we got back to the room. hehe!

So that friend T? the opposite thing about getting fat happened with her. She got skinny. She used to be a little bit bigger. I'm gonna guess a size 12? gradually through later university years she dropped pounds. She wasn't exercising, just stopped eating basically. She didn't like cooking for herself so she's just eat like a couple pieces of cheese and toast or something for supper all the time. I don't really know, just got skinny somehow! Now I'd say she's a size 6-ish. She's tall so hard to say. But she's got a good body now. bikini worthy. And I don't know if it's me or her or what, but we used to get along better. I just attributed it to moving appart, getting our respective men in our lives and being out of school and busy. But since I know my attitude with skinny people, I wonder if I'm acting different around her now. You know how you can relate to people who you assume are in the same "class" as you? Or how you act with somebody of a lower "class". I sound so mean again. But somebody who is shy or reserved and akward around people you start acting more confident and like the popular person? And around somebody "popular" you start acting like a more reserved person? I guess I attribute popular to outgoing and skinny. Maybe because that's what I was jealous of growing up. Hmmm...really breaking down barriers here Randi. *snort* get over yourself.

Hey, here's something a little more fun that more people might relate to. Did you ever notice when you're losing weight that your fat becomes softer? I feel like my arm flab is less dense than it used to be. same with belly-pudge. fluffier, not as lardy. which seems like progress, except now it feels like fat. Before you could trick yourself that it was muscle or organs or something. but now it's fatty. I guess that means just keep working at it and burn it all off of there! Anybody else get this or is it just me?


Kitty said...

Your husband is scrummy.

Kitty said...

By the way I get what you mean about different people etc. I totally get it and agree.

dizzydazey said...

I get it, too. You're not mean - just more honest than the typical person.

I have the less dense flab thing, too. And it makes me feel old for some reason. :o)

katieo said...

Love your pictures. (currently checking flab) and yes I do think it's more "fluffy."

Lindsay said...

I get it too!
i like the pic of you and your husband, you guys are to cute!