Tuesday, July 17, 2007

my first product review

These are yummy. They are a grocery store brand. These have 6 g of protein per bar. They do have 170 calories/bar so save them for minimeals, not a dessert or snack. Plus only 4 comes in a box so not a great deal. But they're really good.

Meeting went pretty good. Candace was right it was an R&D claim. And turns out I short changed us on the salaries because I wasn't given access to people's salaries, just had to trust this list put together for a different claim thing. Also, I claimed some travel expenses that are probably not elligable. And if I would have done it differently they would have been in overhead. So I probably short changed the company a few thousand bucks. Oops. But come on it's a company, doesn't a few thousand bucks mean very little to a company? Plus I had no idea what I was doing. But I do feel like an idiot. But the guy was really nice and I was only intimidated at the beginning. Plus the main bosses weren't here today to overhear anything so I don't feel embarrassed about my surplus of inadequacy.

So as for a plan. No wait first I want to tell you about last night. Just goes to show you I was all talk. I said I'd give up bread or be really strict. Last night for a snack (which I hardly ever even eat after supper!) a handfull of bagel crisps, and a handful of pringle chips. Oops. I did run my dog before supper though. and I thought I killed her. I tried to do my normal running path, about 5km, 1/2 run. Well it was really hot out and she's black and has never run that far. About 3/4 of the way through, she just sat down in the shade. I almost tripped on her. So we rested for 5 minutes and I thought she was better. she was chasing birds again so we sprinted the last little bit. I got her home and she just collapsed. She was panting so fast I seriously was worried. And she stayed like that for 15 minutes after we got home. So my husband came home and saw her like that and then played the nice guy and teased me about being a mean mom. I gave her an ice pack to chew on since we were out of ice cubes. I think it worked. She still loves me.
Ok so my new plan. Let's see...ok I'll be honest I don't have it yet. I'm reading some Cosgrove articles right now trying to figure one out. So hopefully I'll come up with somethign tonight and get back to you tomorrow. Let me know if you've got any recommendations.
confession- I was gonna say I'm bored at home when I'm not working out so it can be something almost every day. But I shouldn't be bored. I'm finishing up my thesis. I've been writing and working since September. not a very efficient writer because I dont' want to be doing it. I should have been done by now. So I think I'm going to incorporate thesis writing in my plan. Off days, schedule an hour in or something. It doesn't have to be much. But I'm doing nothing now and I still have to pay tuition. I want to defend this september but it's not looking good unless I get my ass in gear. So I've got 2 mail goals for the end of September, wear a bikini and be done with school. I hate talking about school or thinking about it or anything so this is already uncomfortable. But you all have helped me with exercise and weight loss and getting my thinking straight I was hoping you could help me with my thesis. I've got to write conclusions and do some serious overhauling edits to the organization of the rest of it. Let alone detailed editing. So don't just keep me on track weight wise, but thesis wise too ok? It's gonna be harder because I'm going to be less willing to talk about that.
Anyway, I'm gonna look up some exercise plans to adapt. Later!


dizzydazey said...

I'm glad to see that our Kick Ass First and Take Names Later Randi is back! :o)

Today is my first day with weight-lifting which was totally inspired by you. I'm checking out your schedule linked in your previously alluded to "non-Randi" post.

I hope tonight is better than last night - hopefully I won't pull a butt muscle while working on my biceps!! :o)

Candace said...

Hi - Sorry to freak you out on getting into your job. Yes, I'm an accountant (shh, don't want people to start reading me as a square too soon), and a Canadian one at that. I have found that outsourcing R&D more than pays for itself, but of course many companies don't see that. The neat thing with the guy we used is that he used to work for CRA. He needed to protect his reputation and so was very thorough in what was put in the claim. Also, he knew a lot of the stuff to ask that we may have missed. He was the one sitting defending the claim to his former co-workers and would come back to me for additional information if required.

Well, I LOVE PC Blue Menu items. I have so much of these in my house my cupboard is starting to look blue. Some of my fav's are the frozen dinners (Salmon, Shrimp, Glazed Chicken are all reasonable points for a lunch). Also to note, they have ABC Pretzels are really low in points (watch out 'cause the waffle shaped ones are higher in cal's). Their double jam is really good, too - and the Lean frozen burgers are awesome in nutritional value and taste. I find I still have to check the nutritional information on the products because the blue menu just means an improvement in nutritional value over the regular PC items - which may not be so great.
Wow, what a ramble.