Friday, July 13, 2007

I can't believe I missed a day!

I was going back and forth to all of your blogs waiting for you all to update, but I never even did mine! Well I had a billion posts Wed so it's probably ok.
anyway, what have you missed..jogged to watch hubby play ball with Daisy. She was soooo good at ball I was so suprised! She's really good except when meeting new people she gets excited. But I think she was overwhelmed with the amount of people there or maybe she was just too tired from our run. but she just sat there and watched. There was some other dog running around free that came and sniffed us over and over, started wrestling/playing but I didn't like it because it was bigger and just running around with no people. but Daisy was really good with it. I think the key is tiring her out.
Also ran her this morning. But the thing is, I get pooped from holding her leash and not tripping on her or something. I can run better than I've been doing lately! Don't know what's going on! Feels like I'm getting in worse shape. Don't know why.
And I did weights last night. I'm not getting my heart rate up in the lunges like I used to. So I think i'm going to up the weights. If I can't handle it on the rows, well I'll just do less. As long as I go to exhaustion. I also started doing calf raises one foot at a time. Feels lost better. Completely kills. I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned this but I love calf exercises. I have body builder calves. In high school when I stood on my tiptoes you could see 2 or 3 different specific muscles, the full outline, almost disguisting anatomy class stuff. And I didn't have to work on it. I just naturally walk on my tiptoes a lot. since I was a kid. that's why my MIL nicknamed me Tinkerbell. ANYWAY. I was sort of self conscious about them for awhile so stopped doing anythign that might make them bigger. But what happened is they just lost the toning and stayed big. So I've got fat lady or man sized calves with no shape. So I'm really glad to be doing calf exercises again. Because I've still got killer strength, and I can feel each individual muscle working differently depending on what direction I face my toes so I can totally shape this exactly how I want this time. I'm stoked.
I've been sneak peaking at the scale all week and I knew this would happen as I was all cocky last week. No change. differences of .3 upward. But nothign downward. So as of Wed I decided to kick it up a little bit. But I don't know what else I can do. I'm eating completely awesome. Only healthy foods, no crazy serving sizes. lots of chicken and beans. cutting out bread. But still no change. I think my every second day of weigts is still good but like I said, gonna up the weight. And I've been walking the dog lots. this is really the first week where I've been acting like i'm on a diet and fueling hunger pangs with veggies. I think maybe I'm eating too many nuts. If I didn't bring enough fruit for morning and afternoon snack (and sometimes even if I did, because I'm trying to eat lots of protein) i'll have some trail mix that i've got at my desk here. Which is good. But I think I should limit it to once a day. I'm pretty sure I'm not eating too much of it. A 1/3 cup is 280 cal and I've been doing maybe 1/5 of a cup for each snack, (super small handfull) so that's about 190. But I could be wrong about just how much I'm eating too. It may have to do with forgetting my vitamins. I bet that doesn't help metabolism. It may also have to do with last week's big loss being somewhat untrue, a result of TOM over and dehydrated or weird body functions or something. I've still got a few days. And since I am doing weights and stuff I know I shouldn't rely on the scale too much, rather look at measurements. And I am quite happy with how all my clothes are fitting and stuff. I'll just keep doing what i've been doing as I know it worked before. Besides a plateau isn't a plateau if it's just 1 week. If there's no change for 2 weeks, then I'll really need to switch something up.
Something that might not be helping with mondays WI is the fact that i've got a stagette on saturday night. I'll try and be good. I think I'll be driving. It's always pretty easy for me to turn down drinking as I get such bad hangovers after even just a few. Plus I'm paranoid enough having pictures taken of me, and I know I don't suck my gut in when I'm drunk! Also, I know the drinks I like are crazy calories. (did you know that a long island iced tea can have 780 calories! more than a pina colada!) But it's going to be appetizers and stuff at this bar, and even if I tried, bars don't offer non deep fried appetizers! I'll just have to stuff myself before I go with fruit and veggies. At least it won't be just chips or baking. I'd never make it.
Anway, good luck with all your weekends. and stay tuned to see if I can squeeze out a loss after all this week.


Ro said...

You are 100% correct Randi. Many of my points have been empty lately with all the partying and stuff. I am trying to get back on track. My bfast usually consist of filling items….but I have been sooo slacking. Thanks for the comment. Have a great weekend....

Shannon said...

How tall are ya? You look so skinny in your pic already.

Randi said...

Shannon - 5'4". I'm blessed with a deceptive body - from my mom. She can always win when you go to those guys at fairs who guess your weight. We're always guessed at much lower than we are. We got the type of body that clothes hide a lot. I wanna look good without the clothes! Gimme a bikini!

Kitty said...

Hi Randi - I am agreeing with Shannon you look great in your picture! I am a lumpy bumpy little pigmy possum (5'1).

Good luck at the weekend - I always ate a large bucket of vegies before I go out on the lash, but I get the wine-munchies in the end!!!

katieo said...

Have you ever thought about a fri or sat weigh-in? I've just noticed it helps me stay accountable through the weekend a little better and I don't feel so guilty on Monday. but you know, whatever works!