Friday, July 27, 2007

Yipee! Friday!

So I am really excited for it to be friday. I'm doing something here at work that I don't really know how to do. Yes it's a learning exercise, but I never know when it's ok for me to get help, because the help I need is sit beside me and walk me through it. so I blog...
So the scale was less kind to me today. But I think I'm ok with that, as another informal measurement was taken of the old belly button and it appeared to be down significantly. (maybe I don't know how to read a tape? because we're talking significantly.) Maybe I'll do a Formal measuring tomorrow am. Cause if the scale's not talking, maybe the tape will.
So yesterday was a strange day. Off routine will get you every time. Hubby had to work 11 hours yesterday so I brought him a snack at supper time. Timbits and an Iced Cap. I only got 10 Timbits (which are donut holes for the outta towners) and a small chocolate milk Iced Cap (which has 1% choc milk instead of cream). But I didn't have supper and when I got to his work I was the one eating all the Timbits! Probably had 4, and about 1/3 of a small iced cap. So there goes the eating fresh and unprocessed thing for this week. Then when hubby came home he brought A&W teen burger, which was 2 for $6 so he brought me one. I did not need to eat another supper at 9:30 at night. But I had half of it. Small victory on not eating a whole anything I suppose. small.
But was sweatin' away cleaning out the spare room which is only about 1/2 done. It was my scrapbook/craft room. I know, I'm an old lady. But I haven't used it all summer so it was fine to take everything downstairs. But it was soo messy and disorganized so I had to do some of that first. Wasn't finished but stopped anyway to do my weights. yay me. I was gonna say screw it because something came up. But I made me a priority and did it. YAY! again, hate those back flies. and hip raises sucked this time too.
already went for my HIIT this morning. It ends up being just a jog with some intervals but the attempt is there. Probably minigolfing with hubby tonight. Then I'm gonna try and get a bonus weight thing in tomorrow before we leave for the wedding. Just the look-good-in-a-dress exercises.
So I feel like this post was completely boring but I really can't think of anything exciting to say. Sorry y'all. Wish me luck on eating well this weekend!


Kitty said...

You are never boring love, that is for sure. Good luck with food this weekend poppet, you are so not going to need it. You'll do just fine and look fab. Craft rooms aren't just for old ladies lovey!!!

katieo said...

Hey Randi. Sometimes I have those weigh-in's wehre I think I've really lost, (to the point where my clothes feel looser), and then the scale just doesn't say what I wasnt it to!, but then a couple of days later for whatever reason, wa-bam, 2 or 3 pounds down. It doesn't always happen, but usually if the tape measure speaks, the scale will follow (if not eventually). Just a thought.

dizzydazey said...

I hope you had an awesome weekend!

Big kudos for not eating the entire burger and stopping what you were doing to do weights. (don't even ask me if I've exercised lately...)

I've missed you, girl! I'm glad to be back and I'm trying to catch up.

Have a great day!