Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A little help?

Ok so I'm gonna ask. Is anybody on LA Weight loss? I'm trying to do an informal thing like that for myself (as I understand you have to eat a certain number of proteins, starches, fruits etc each day). If you are on it, would you share your plan with me and my readers? Or something similar. (not WW, you can find point values for everything on much better blogs than mine). But I can't find a place to (freely) see what South Beach, LA Weight Loss, Jenny Craig etc are to copy them for free. So if you have any of the menu's or guidelines please pass them along! I'll pay you back in some way...lots of smiles? :) :) :)


Colette said...

I have never done the diet you are talking about. I have done diet pills in the past with some success but it didn't last. I have lost 42 lbs on WW and think m6y goal of 150 is definately obtainable!! I posted a reply on my blog about the Splenda..I LOVE it.

dizzydazey said...

I tried South Beach and Hated IT! :o) But you're welcome to any of the info I have. In fact, if you're interested I can email you the "Foods to Enjoy" lists for Phases 1 & 2! :o)