Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Well lately things have been going pretty good. I'm just so pleased that something I'm doing on purpose is having the desired outcome. I do have to pick it up a bit. I had said I wanted to reach my goal by the end of summer but I'd have to up it to a couple pounds a week, where as I'm really only doing about 1. So pick that up a wee bit. But I saw this on some other people's blogs and thought it was cool so I decided to make one. Rewards for specific goals. Such as:

Hitting 145 (my used to be normal weight) - going out to the movies
Breaking into the 30's - pedicure
Fitting into my old black pants (they always used to look so good!) - Buying a new outfit
Reaching 130 - New outfit from Lululemon

Nothing extravagent. Really is all stuff I could probably get now but I always feel so guilty about it. So this way, I can get treat myself and not feel guilty. Hurray! When I write it out in small little increments like that it seems so easy. Not sure how to not sound rude - but so many people have so much more to lose than me. And they've done it too! (and if you're one of them and are reading this, you WILL do it too!) Sorta seems like, well where's my excuse, I'm not looking at something monumental like half my body weight. I'm talking 20 lbs! and then I get a Lululemon outfit! Hurray!
I may be changing my movie to something else. I wouldn't want to go by myself, rather a date with hubby. but who knows if he'll want to go to something I want. Plus it should be just something for me. We'll see. It was actually really hard to think of all that!

So on the day to day front. Last night bought groceries. $80 and nearly everything was fresh. All but juice crystals, fruit to go's, granola bars. I bought so much fruit and veggies: cherries, peaches, bananas, strawberries, plums, watermelon, cantaloupe, pears, pineapple, kiwis, avacados, corn on the cob, celery, cucumbers, green onion, red pepper, green pepper, broccolli. Already had tons of lettuce and carrots and potatoes and apples and apricots. Yummy yummy yummy. Now the problem becomes how to eat everything at the proper ripeness.
I know one goal this week was 1/2 fruit or veggies at every meal. Well supper last night was tough! Hubby made pizza. Probably first time in over a year he's had supper for me when I got home so I wasn't going to complain about it! well it was just ham and pineapple so not too terrible. loads of pineapple so there's some fruit. But I was just not feeling a salad and hadn't washed and cut up anything else yet. So I had a whole plate of watermelon for dessert. It counts. And breakfast, wasn't quite up for the omlete yet so had 1 toast (not 2, major victory) with pb, little bit of yogurt and granola with a ton of strawberries. Very good. Lunch today, left over pizza, bowl of strawberries and a kiwi. not sure about supper today. probably a pita. hubby's got ball so i'm on my own. then i'll go for a bike ride and then watch his game.
oh yeah, last night after getting groceries and wating for pizza to finish cooking, and then looking for puppies online (we're getting a puppy!) by the time I was ready to workout it was 9:30! i was going to say forget it but I didn't and got in a good weight workout with my new weights. *pat on the back* Good for you Randi. all in all I'm feeling like a pro at this. but it feels easy. I hope I'm not hitting a new plateau or something. I know I gotta pick it up and be a little stricter. Pizza is not actually a good meal but I'm treating it like one. At least it wasn't ordered in kind. and I eat less when I eat it (2 pieces) than a full plate of "well balanced meal". I'm keeping it on the good side. :)
Anyway, happy America day to my American friends. And I'll see you tomorrow on the trails!

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Anonymous said...

wow all that fruit and veggies you bought make me jealous. mmmm. what kinda puppy are you getting? you are doing so good. keep it up. :)