Thursday, July 26, 2007

I had to get a new post quick!

I had to put something else up right away because I was staring at my nekidness every time I came by here. Very scary to have on your screen when you're at work!
So I got some big news last night. My SIL is going to move in with us for a month or so. She was living with her sister but they were having to many issues (they've got 2 ferrets, 2 cats, and a snake. all in a skinny little townhouse. Not to mention a brother in law that blows up at her from leaving the window open by accident). So hopefully we don't get caught in a family feud but I'm sort of excited about it. Hubby is often gone, working late, at the bar, playing ball. When he is home, he tend to keep working in the garage, in the office, cleaning the basement etc. Our relationship sounds so pathetic and sometimes it is. We never really talk. But we're both really independant people who like our own space so for the most part it's good (except when you get those pesky womanly needy times). But now there will be somebody else in the house that I can talk to (I don't speak all day at work so I'm quite chatty at night. My poor puppy and I have conversations...) She and I get along pretty good, sometimes I roll my eyes at her, she's only 20 yo (and I'm so mature at 25 ;) ) so she still does the bar stuff and the waste money on brand name clothes (that she looks amazing in of course, she's like a size 2). It'll be nice to get a few more dollars in the bank too. We'll probably charge $250 only. She only gets a room (and not completely cleaned out at that) and we don't have cable or a dish or AC etc so our bills aren't very big. We don't have a parking spot for her. Plus anything we get is all bonus, how much Tide could she use? But she's probably moving in already on the weekend. So tonight (and last night) are all about cleaning out the spare room and cleaning up the house. So I didn't get my video in last night, did get the run though. Oh and I gotta tell you about this. I PASSED people! I was following them for a long while, but Daisy was pulling so we were catching up a little bit. It was a couple and the girl was wearing Lululemon (the little spaghetti strap tank top that you can't possibly wear a sports bra with so how the hell does that seem sporty?) and I was secretly hating her, but then we just kept getting closer and then passed them. We chatted as I moved past and they said they wished they had a dog to keep pace for them. Yeah right! I'm dragging her most of the time! So that was pretty cool. Since I've been running outside I really have no idea how fast I'm going, I don't know how far I'm going or anything. So I guess I'm doing a pretty good pace! Yay!
Anyway, got the run in and then still had to make supper. I was making a veggie stir-fry which is usually quick and very healthy (only chicken broth and soya sauce, chicken and veggies cooked in a spray) but that's when my SIL called and then I had to call my hubby and then my mom. Plus I wasn't even hungry. So only ate a little bit, probably half of usual serving. And not until 7:00, so after that was dishes and cleaning and stuff. This morning I walked to dog. I might have had time to do a video this am but then what about Daisy. So I'll try and get it in with my weights tonight. Maybe I can just commit to half a video. Something I might be able to get done.
I peeked at the scale this mornign and I was a little happier than it had been. Considering my next scheduled WI is tomorrow morning it's not quite that happy. but I'm not sure if I'll post it or save it until my challenge is done. Probably save it in hopes for a smaller number. Let's say this though, I do deserve to go to a movie (does anybody know what i'm talking about?)
ok so, food and exercise seems to be going quite well. Now I think it's just a waiting game. Been pounding back the water and getting lots of protein. That should be it right team? Am I missing anything. (god I hate waiting...)


Tigerlilly said...

Sounds like you are doing everything you need to for the challenge!

Good luck with having the new roomy. It should be fun having someone else around. I wouldnt mind someone else moving in... I am getting a little TOO good at speaking toddler, if you know what I mean!

Have a great day

Lindsay said...

Your pics below are awesome!!
Good luck with the roomy, hopefully it all works out wonderfully!
lol i talk to my dog niece like a person, i rather enjoy it!

Shannon said...

That sounds like fun but be careful you may like her now but you may end up hating her, like my sitch. :(

Randi said...

Thanks girlies,
Shannon - I am totally nervous about that. But I think unlike your situation, I get to be the nasty b*tch to her as it's "my house". It should hopefully just be a short term situation as she's trying to buy a house with her bf. (saskatoon is getting to be just like Edmonton for housing etc!)
the thing I'm most worried about is that I can't walk around naked any more! (yes I really do this!)