Wednesday, July 11, 2007

progress and tough love

Well we'll put these stats up here until somebody rescues me from blogger problems. Not too shabby huh? I need to point out that this morning's measurements were done first thing out of bed. You ever notice how you're so much skinnier in the morning than the evening. Sucks too because evenings are when i'm always trying to look nicest (weddings, parties etc are all evening). Oh well. keep it up and I won't care! I added neck a little later because in old pictures I can always tell if I'm packing on the pounds in my neck. I have a short fat neck. What can I say? Shorter necklaces strangle me. My happiest one is the bellybutton, 2 inches! Take that trouble area! Ideally I'd like my hips to get back down to 36 if not slightly smaller. My hips were always my pride and joy. It's completely genetics but I'll take it. No change in my arm but I'm not suprised. I would like to lose a little of the flab in there. It'll come.

Anways here's that before picture my hubby took, not sure exactly what it shows except for a strange folding in the crotch (I swear it's not a front wedgie! Just some odd bunching, zoom in you can tell) I was almost too embarrassed about that to put it in but you probably wouldn't have even noticed if I didn't mention it right? Plus we don't know each other in real life. I don't ever have to worry about getting weird looks from you on the street. Ok here it is. I didn't have a nice clean background, or even a nice clean house but whatever. Plus I had just finished working out so that's why i'm sweaty and my hair's like that. This picture sort of hides the whole belly problem, flattering workout clothes. But it does highlight the thigh problem. And a weird standing position problem. And a messy fridge problem. But I do have nice collar bones!
Funny thing that weight loss might fix for me, my pants are always too long. I have short stubby legs. Thanks mom. But another way to look at long pants, is fat waist. If I wear smaller sized pants, they won't be so much too long. As can be seen in the picture, these are capri pants, that are fitting like slightly too short pants. Resisting genetics, that's what weight loss can do for me!
So last night hubby and I had a fight about puppy. I think we should be walking her in the am and in the pm. I did all this reading and research into training puppies and a lot of problem behaviour is the result of not enough exercise. And prevention is the best cure. So let's tire her out before we put her to bed or tie her up. But hubby thinks I'm over doing it, she's just a dog. They had dogs on the farm that they never had to do anything with and they were fine. Yeah I'm probably being too mothering and over doing it (I can't think of the word I need here...) but I'm just frustrated that he's doing too little (last night was the first time he walked her, I've been doing twice a day for 4 days). But we had this fight while walking Daisy. And we had to stop and meet neighbours (hubby's the outgoing one who will talk to other people, I keep to myself). Oh yeah, part of the fight was because hubby went out for beers after work again yesterday, and he definately will be tonight after ball so I'm stuck with all the housework and puppy sitting and walking and supper making and he doesn't even eat it. So by the time all that was over it was 9:15 and I hadn't exercised yet. So instead of settling down and going to bed early I did my weights. I'm happy. They make me feel good. I'm not sure but I might need to up the weight again already. But only for some exercises. It'll be too annoying putting plates on and off in between exercises so maybe I'll wait until everything is strong enough. But that meant that I didn't get to bed early again. So I slept in this mornign to make up for it. So no walking this morning. What were we just fighting about again? Oh well. Tonight hubby's got ball so Daisy and I will walk/jog down there and watch. And guess what I forgot again today? my vitamins! Definately contributing to the sleepiness.
Now I'm going to get up on my soap box and make some comments that may be unwarranted. If so, whatever, I'm still doing it. It's going to come across like I'm so amazing but whatever. i'm alright. ;) I'm confused about how everyone is in slumps right now. It's summer baby! Time to get outside go for bike rides, walks, hikes, swims. That's the fun, the playing this time of year, not even the "workouts". There's no good tv on. Go outside. Even if it's just walking to a park to lay down and read a book. You walked there. Plus being summer is when all the yummy healthy food is in season! Every kind of fruit is available and delicious. If you don't eat cherries and apricots and watermelon now, boy will you regret it in December when you can't get it. Packaged food of all kind should be saved for winter. Pudding snacks, 100 cal packs, not summer snacks, besides, you can probably eat way way more fruits and veggies than are in that tiny chip bag. I'm a quantity person, not quality, you probably are too if you're overweight (go for the biggest piece of cake in there so you're getting your points worth?) You can eat a million veggies and be completly stuffed and it will actually help you lose! I know that summers are also about patios and margaritas and ice cream. And that's good too. But save up for them. And have it all on one splurge day. One day eating like crap is better than eating a little crap every day. Plus, if you're eating non packaged foods and fresh fruits and veggies you'll actually stop craving the chips and salsa. I know, I couldn't believe it, but it happened to me. I've had cookies in my car for a week and only eaten 1. COOKIES! I'd sooner have 10 pieces of watermelon than 1 cookie. Plus it should be easier to drink your water when it's hot out. your appetite is down when it's hot. If you want to spend more of your time just chilaxing, that's cool, just workout half an hour but harder. I believe that's more beneficial than hours on an elliptical anyway. Think about it, which feels easier? Probably because it is. Summer is setting you up for success. It's going to be gone before you know it and then you'll be stuck with canned fruit and frozen veggies and indoor workouts. Plus Grey's Anatomy will be back on, and so will Lost, you think you'll be able to work out easier then?
Ok, sorry if that was rude. It was as much for me as you. I'm a tough love kinda person. So if anybody wants to lay in to me for eating 2 sandwiches last night and justifying it because "the first one didn't have any protein so I better have another" please do. Keep me accountable and burst my bubble and kick that soap box out from under me and tell me I'm not the weight loss queen just because I have the beginner's high and had a couple good weeks. Push me and I'll push you and we'll both get skinny in our shoving match!


dizzydazey said...

You're absolutely right - it should be easier to not be in a slump right now because they're are so many healthy things available to us. Who knows what it is - maybe more of a focus on exercise will help. I know I don't want to eat as much when I exercise - it's just making myself get out there.

Thanks for the push! I need the tough love!! :)

Crabby McSlacker said...

wow, looking at the chart it seems like you're making great progress. And that's a "before" picture? I must have read that wrong. Because so many women would dream about that as an "after" picture!

Anonymous said...

meanie! jk. if it were only that easy I tell ya. I wish!

Swizzlepop said...

Great post! You're totally right and NO MORE 2 sandwhiches for you! ;P

How did you do that grid? I'd love to do a similar one in blogger. I just take my basic measurements but should really do all.

Your pic is great and you're right, had you not mentioned the weird wrinkle I wouldn't have noticed it. I have a pair of yoga pants that do that too. It's usually the material that causes that.

katieo said...

oh, I loved the last part of that post. Fuel is contagious. I definitely feeling back on track.
But i loved the part with the 2 sandwiches! That totally made me laugh