Friday, January 18, 2008


what can I say. That's the same as 2 weeks ago, so the TOM bloat has passed. Not losing any weight here. I need to realize that's what to expect when you eat more as I am (post workout shake anyone?) but I also know that my workouts are not difficult enough or often enough to really change my body composition (fat vs muscle.) I need to start gyming on tues and thurs again regularly. This weekend hopefully will be a little boost as well.

I did gym yesterday and if you want to see what I did, just read Angie's post. Oddly enough the both of us had the exact same experience, gym to busy this time of year so we tried the track. I had done 15 minutes on the treadmill before getting kicked off so I went upstairs to the track and did another 20 minutes. No walking. Yay me! Sometimes I think I've totally lost my running endurance and then I have a day like that. New shoes I tell ya. Oh yeah, and maybe some good tunes. I think the secret really lies in the tunes. I put songs I really like and pump me up and I never get to hear on there. And if I put just 20 minutes worth of good songs, I only workout 20 minutes. So the key is to put on just 1 more song than you think you want to work out for (35 minutes, not just 30). Bet you'll do it!

And this weekend is the curling bonspeil. I think we're only guaranteed 3 games at about 1 hr each (just 4 ends). If anybody doesn't know what curling is, it's a slightly more physical sport than golf. The throwing requires some leg strength and flexibility and the sweeping is quite a bit of cardio, but I generally skip so it's just standing and not falling and yelling at the others to sweep. At least in this bonspiel everyone takes turns at each position. So I'll get some sweeping in. A little nervous about the flexibility thing. I did start stretching a bit more this week, but 1 week is not going to give you the flexibility you had in high school when you were a curling rock star (haha, rock). DON'T LET ME HURT MYSELF! make sure I do a warm up and stretch, no matter how dorky that is.

Plus it's supposed to be -1000 this weekend. Currently it's -24 but with the windchill it's -35. Pretty much the same for the weekend. Big deal? Well the rink we're playing in is not a heated building with artificial ice. We're playing on natural ice. Which means that while it's not as cold as outside by any means, it gets colder when it's colder out. So there goes the plan to wear my ass hugging yoga pants. I will be layering significantly.

Oh yeah, and sorry for no post yesterday. I went to the doctor in the am, just a physical, but had to wait an hour to get in, then I snuck a quick grocery trip in before coming back to work. So I was gone 10:30 'til 2:30. But I don't feel bad for slacking, so don't get on my back. I'm not going to say I was working those hours, they'll be sick time or whatever you're supposed to do for doctor appt's.

Hubby and I are probably buying an Envoy in the next couple weeks. If anybody has one, tell us the pros and cons please. I managed to talk him out of a truck and into an SUV (thinking ahead people) so I know the Envoy is pretty big but that was a compromise on my part. I feel so bad for getting a big gas guzzler, but I have to remember that SUVs are really bad when it's just a commuter vehicle, driving alone. I know hubby will definately make use of it. Driving people to hockey, he hauls crap to and from work (lumber yard) all the time, plus we're probably gonna have kids with this vehicle.

Speaking of which, very bizzare, but I talked with my doc about having kids. Basically that maybe before my next physical we might be getting pregnant! WHAT!!?!? Seems so weird. But getting pregnant a year from now, and then having a baby almost 2 years from now was sort of the plan. So I'm still like 2 years away from being a mom, but having to plan for it now just freaked me out.

Also having to get more bloodwork done to check the old cholesterol. Let's see what ~20 lbs and regular exercise can to do that puppy.


Amanda said...

Great job on the run! Sometimes is just goes great, other days are tough.

Curling that's really cool, we don't have that in the states. Have fun!

Shannon said...

My Dad has a new Envoy and I love it. It is so classy and nice. He also drives a lot of long distances in it often. So nice.

CaRoLyN said...

Envoys are nice Suvs. We are thinking about trading in our little Mazda 3 for a small SUV. Probably a Hyundai Sante Fe or a Toyota Rav 4. Our little Mazda would not be big enough once we have a dog and some kiddos.

Hubby and I are thinking about starting to try at the end of this year. One minute I'm scared out of my mind and then the minute I see a little baby, I want it to be tomorrow. I also can't wait to see Scott as a father. He is going to be so great! I'm just not ready to give up my freedom yet. Hubby's also 3 years older so he is ready now. It's so exciting and terrifying at the same time!

Angie All The Way said...

I think that's awesome that we both experienced the same thing at the gym! I often think of you girls a lot when I'm at the gym so that's freaky! lol

I'm getting freaked about the pregnancy planning too (eeeeeeeeeeeek!) We're getting married in September and I'm turning 28 April Fools Day, so the plan was a year after we're married, so yup, looks like 2 years for me too and I'll be a mom! At least we can lose the pregnancy weight together! lol

I've never had my cholesterol checked and I should actually because I wanna know what my blood's sayin'.

eurydice said...

wow.... becoming a mom! even 2 years away seems like nothing!

Melanie said...

WOW...seems like so many of us are getting close to having kids. It was so weird going to the doctor earlier this month and having her put me on prenatals! WOW! Now if I can only loose the last 30 pounds I want to before May. Doc says no weight loss once we start trying. Good luck...and have fun shopping for the SUV. I recommend a sun roof if you can. I have a Honda CRV and I always have my sun roof open in the summer! ;-)