Monday, January 7, 2008

so ya know

Just so we're all aware. I am a week before TOM so this is when I go crazy and want bad food and don't care if I get fat I'll lose it later. It's also when dumb ideas pop in my head and I try and talk myself into or out of dumb things. So if anybody notices any dumb (uncharacteristically so, obviously) moves on my part, gimme a slap and tell me wait a week alright?


Candace said...

hehe, but your silliness is all over the globe. how can we tell?

Candace said...

Hey Randi, Thanks for the comment. Yeah, the superset wording I used is proally confusing, but you're right. I do 3 sets of 10 or different exercises without a break, but then I break for half a minute. Then do that 2 more times. There's a longer break between the supersets. Since I'm a greeny I've been taking the breaks, usually stretching out the muscle. Eventually they'll become 'active rest' where I'll do crunches or something.