Friday, January 25, 2008

oh woe is me

I don't have a lot to say today. Well that's what I think so far. Watch me rattle on and on.

WI. Bah humbug. gained 0.8. I had a big supper last night and skipped the gym. Plus I used heavier weights in my workout classes this week. Basically I'm saying I don't think I'm fatter. Especially with my lovely compliments earlier this week (I checked it out, my butt is looking good). I was gonna do muscle pics last night but I thought they'd look better if it was post workout, so either tonight or tomorrow I'll hit the gym and take pictures after that for you all. I'm not going to tan though, and that's what makes them look the best, but I don't believe in tanning and frankly you're not worth a bottle of self tanner. ;)

So work yesterday was kinda stressful. I had a conference call. My first important job thingy like that. I basically listened the whole time as my boss was on the line too but still. I was scrambling notes down like crazy. Then after the call I had to write a memo but I also had to leave at 4:00 so we could plate our new truck (my insurance is cheaper than hubby's so it's in my name).

So I took an afternoon off and left early this week so I feel sorta bad. And my parents are in town today so I might leave early again today. Oh well. I think I'm staying on top of my work at least.

Weekend. Not much. Groceries and Costco and maybe some scrapbooking and exercise. I sorta feel like I should be doing something more productive. Maybe I'll do some kind of big organizing/cleaning thing. Maybe go through my clothes and take a bunch to value village or something. Hubby wants to buy a pool table (I just got over the car thing!) but our basement isn't finished yet but is completely full of junk. so maybe I'll go through some of that junk. Maybe do something like bake bread or something. Open to suggestions.


Cara said...

Sounds like you have a good plan for the weekend, well whichever one you choose :-)

Can't wait for the pics :-)

Jenn said...

I know what you mean about needing to organize. We have a 3 bedroom house and no kids, so two of the bedrooms tend to gather things. I took over one and made it my work out room, but the other is just a mess - its my goal to clean it this weekend!

And I want to see the pics too!! Your arms looked so toned in the last pic you posted, they must look amazing now!!

eurydice said...

I think I'm worth a bottle of self tanner ;) I can't wait to see your pics either.

kelly said...

have a good weekend!! :)