Tuesday, January 15, 2008

yummy liquid diet

So the past couple days I realized I've been living on a liquid diet. don't get worried, it's not all liquid, and it's not at all bad. I've been drinking lots of smoothies. With cottage cheese and frozen mixed berries, or with my protein powder and berries and bananas. Plus I made up an awesome soup on the weekend and have been eating it for lunches. it's probably the healthiest soup I could ever think of:
chicken stock base (ok so there's the sodium, but I'm not concerned about that)
a pile of mashed up tomatoes
carrots, celery, onion
can of 6 bean mix
can of peas
chicken breast
barley (instead of noodles or crackers, yummier, and healthier)
flax seed (can't taste or anything, just secretly makes you eat healthy things)
and snuck in some benefibre on top of it all.


So I didn't know what it would taste like, but I packed a bunch of containers for hubby and SIL and my lunches. And hubby comes home and tells me he LOVES IT! Haha! He likes healthy food! Normally he doesn't like when I put beans in stuff or whatever, but he didn't even comment on it, and he said the best part was the barley! Woohoo!

Unfortunately that means it won't last me all week for lunch, only about 3 lunches each. But you don't need much more than that. Because it's liquid it fills you up so much. I usually try and eat lots of salads but I just don't crave them in the winter. However I know I always want soup in the summer but think it doesn't go since it's hot. Duh! soup in the winter! Plus I love having a big pot of something cooked on sunday night ready for lunches all week. So easy!

Sorry if I offended anybody with my muscle posts.

Had a good class last night. Killed the shoulders. Gonna hit the gym today. Even though it's blizzarding here and I forgot my phone. oops. I guess if it looks too bad I'll head straight home after work. if that happens, I'll shovel snow as a workout.

This weekend I'm curling with hubby and in-laws. Just a fun event where there's no prizes and it's all about the party. I'm fine with driving and not drinking. However I think i'm gonna be sore from curling! Been a long time since I've done that - however I used to be super pro (any suprise there? what am I not super pro at?) Maybe I'll post pictures after. I'm pleased that I'm 20 lbs lighter this year than I was last year. I don't really like the pictures from last time. Plus I wore big baggy ugly sweats and curled with my skinny beautiful sister, plus in curling, your ass sort of takes center stage so anybody watching was definately looking at my fat behind. But this year, while it's not necessarily where I want it to be for public viewing, it's much much much improved and I sorta like my butt now. Maybe enough to wear my tight yoga pants instead of sweats. Just depends how cold it is.

Anyway, back to work time. Being super productive and a great employee. Yay me!


CaRoLyN said...

Soup sounds yummy. I'm gong to make a veggie soup this weekend. WW 0 point soup. It's got spinach in it! Yummy!

I've never been curling before but make sure you take some pics and post them! We want to see how hot you look 20 lbs lighter!

Adora said...

I could eat soup every day of the week. I use to make the WW 0-point soup every Sunday and it would last me all week. I think I may have to make a run to the grocery store after work today!

BTW, I'm never offended by your posts. I probably wouldn't bother reading your blog if it didn't make me think! :D

eurydice said...

i had soup today for lunch. but i can't make huge batches because a) i live and eat alone and b) i have the tiniest fridge!

i love curling - good workout too!

Vanessa aka Wheebs said...

Soup sounds sooo good!

Re: your comment on my blog, I will definitely always take time off between strength training days. I just want to be getting in more walks/bike rides/skating in on my off days. You're a sweetheart for caring :)