Monday, January 14, 2008

Comments on "bulking"

So many of you in your comments have said "but I don't want to bulk" or "I just want to tone, not build my muscles." or other variations. Basically there is no such thing (learned this in my book).

You're not going to get bulky if you're a woman. You might at first, if your muscles build faster than the fat on top shrinks. But it's the fat, not the muscles that are making you look bad. Think of this: Picture the buffest, hottest woman ever. Look at her abs, flat, lean. Not bulky. Look at your abs... Yeah, her arms might be bigger than yours but they look nice still anyway. Besides, try it this way for awhile, if you don't like what you see, then quit.

You can't have nice looking muscles if you don't strength train. I've said this before, they can only get bigger or smaller. It's your fat on top that gets bigger or smaller that makes them look "sculpted".

You don't have to be scared you'll look like some body building woman. I think she'd be insulted if you did think that. She works freakin hard to look that way and for you to think you'd "accidentally" put on that much muscle is ridiculous.

This isn't a personal attack on any commentor individually. I'm just sick of all sorts of women talking about muscles like they're a bad thing. Forget about asthetics even, I'd sooner be able to carry my own sh*t and not get help from a "big strong man".

Come on ladies, let's toughen up and grunt a little!


marie said...


I loathe the bulky and tone comments people make. We don't have enough testosterone in us naturally to BULK.

There is too much misinformation out there and we regurgitate like no tomorrow.

Lift heavy and lift often!! :D

Anonymous said...

theris such a thing as bulking up girlie. look at those gross body building girls. so gross.

Swizzlepop said...

I guess as with everythign else it's different for different people. Coming from a dance background we were never told to strength train/lift weights, it was all dance with some core (pilates/yoga) mixed in during warm ups and that alone built the muscles needed and wanted.
I've also know weight trainers (female and male) who did bulk up and on purpose and it was just muscle. But like you said before you build muscle faster than other women so hopefully this works for your goal, I just don't think it's for everyone.

Cara said...

I love big muscles on women! I can't wait until I have more muscles!

And I also loathe the comments about not wanting to bulk up!

Ashley said...

You got yourself into a rollercoasted with the toning/bulking issue. But thanks so much for the good info from the book!

katieo said...

The women who really "bulk" are working their butts off to look that way. I agree Randi, I think it's highly unlikely that one of us will just accidently get there. The girls at my gym who are doing the hardcore stuff aren't the big body builders, They're usually the thin, trim, really fit ones.

Tammy said...

I agree Randi! The 'gross' looking body building women are taking steroids to look like that. I build muscle fast, like you, but I don't look gross. In fact, I've never had anyone tell me I look too bulky. Rather, I get people oohing and ahhing over how fit I look when I flex my bicep. So, you preach is sista! I love my muscles. They make me look and feel sexy.

Vanessa aka Wheebs said...

Nailed it :).

Mamacita Chilena said...

EXCELLENT post. you are absolutely right, no casual exerciser is just going to accidentally end up looking like a body builder. They get that way on purpose through ridiculous amounts of hard work and looooong hours spent in the gym.

I love muscles on women, it's hot!

CaRoLyN said...

Interesting topic. I don't really know enough about the whole muscle anatomy thing to really make an educated comment but sounds like you got yourself an interesting book there!

eurydice said...

so true so true. i do a lot of weight training and after pumping it at the gym my muscles do look big, but in a normal day to day standing pose they just look normal.

i think it's possible for girls to bulk up but you'd having to be pouring the protein shakes down your throat and maybe steroids as well. and consuming a lot of cals too.

Angie All The Way said...

I'd love to be more muscley and I will work to get there. To me, it's a side affect to being fit and healthy.