Wednesday, January 30, 2008


So hubby's progress on his "diet" hasn't come up since it started hey? Because basically I don't see him doing anything differently. Just the other day he made me buy a big tub of tiger tiger ice cream which he eats a bowl full of every day. Still drinks his beer. Hasn't done a single exercise thing besides his weekly hockey game (where he's the goalie). he's down 10 lbs. Have I mentioned how I hate him?

I can see it in his face too a little bit. He's still pretty big and has terrible posture sometimes that makes him look pregnant. But honestly, he changed nothing and got a thinner face. He says he's drinking beer less than he was so I guess that's something. Having water instead. But he's still making nachos for a snack at night, or popcorn drenched in butter. but they tell us to expect that right? that men lose weight more easily than women? (I always thought that had to do with muscle mass which is why I'm extra pissed off, but I shouldn't be mad at something good for him. Nothing changed with me and I was happy before. That's a good way to look at everything. Be happy for people when something good happens to them. Don't be mad you didn't get something good.)

I'm not sure if anybody but me's been tracking this, but I've basically only lost like 1 lb since October. I'm holding quite steady at 138. But I'd love to hold steady at 135. Then I can say I've lost 20 lbs. Well I'd love to not hold steady at all, just keep moving down but I'll take what I can get. I think I need to start being a little more strict with myself. Making weekly goals and just thinking "diet" again. (don't give me it's not a diet it's a lifestyle change. My lifestyle is just fine, I already eat completely healthy, I just want to lose 3 lbs!)

So I know it's wednesday already. But I'm going to make just 2 weekly goals for the rest of this week.

Eat a vegetable meal twice this week (as in, not carb dominant, either a salad or stir fry with no rice or noodles. Keeping the protein up still buy low calorie).

Go to the gym on thursday. I don't know if I want to swim or run. thursdays the only day I can swim. But I also want to try my new socks and shoes and tunes on the track. But definately one of the 2.

Also i'm going to try and have a focused weekend. I'll still have a bigger meal saturday night or a treat snack. But I'll limit it to that. breakfasts are not treat time.

So I've decided that i'm going to take monthly progress pictures. As first a little motivation to see change by the next picture as well as to see progress because everyone likes before and afters. So stay tuned for my next pictures at the end of Feb. Anybody else wanna do this with me?


Jenn said...

It stinks that guys lose faster - especially when they don't even try! My fiance is like that as well...

I want to take monthly progress pictures too! My fiance just told me that we might be getting married in June of this year, so if thats the case, I need to get working really hard to get where I want to be (and I need to plan the whole freaking wedding!!!).
Anyway, let me know the details of how you want to do the monthly pictures, it will be fun and motivating!

katieo said...

lol, as in, not carb dominant, either a salad or stir fry with no rice or noodles. Keeping the protein up still buy low calorie looks like you're one step ahead of me!

Jennifer said...

I hate how guys lose faster. It's soooo not fair for us ladies! DBF lost about 30 lbs in a month when he stopped smoking because he wasn't getting the "munchies" like he used to. I was sooo jealous!

eurydice said...

it's so annoying how men lose weight faster - it's definitely because they have a larger muscle mass!

Kate said...

Bah Men Suck! They lose weight so easily its insane. Seriously my little brother just stopped eat two pizzas, cut it to just one at a sitting and started running and the little stinker has dropped 30 pounds in like 4 months...not fair.

Vanessa aka Wheebs said...

Guys suck. That's basically all there is to it. ;)

Cara said...

I said on a comment on my blog from you that I am down, but am saying ti twice so it is more permanent. haha.

and boys really are lucky. they get everything easier. boo. The only good thing you can think about this is that you eat healthier than him because it is harder for you to lose weight, and in the end that is what is going to make your life easier down the road :-)